pregnancy log: weeks 29 & 30

Nov 13th 2014 10:43:07 am


travisbabycarrierMonday, October 27th – Here we go into the third trimester! I can’t believe it is really here. I know the next twelve weeks will go very fast… so I have been pretty adamant about getting everything ready for baby asap. Yesterday, Travis and I went into the city and ordered the crib and all of its accessories. It will arrive in mid November. A little early, but I don’t want to take any chances. I’ll just feel more calm if the apartment is totally ready to go well before January gets here. (Travis also tested out a baby carrier. He looked good in it!)

Since I had on make-up and actual street clothes, we tried to do a little third trimester photo shoot on the roof. There was a nice sunset, but we sort of missed it. I always look so unnatural in these posed shots and I know they are decidedly self-centered and a bit obnoxious, but I like keeping this record of my pregnancy. I know some women hire pro photographers for maternity photos, but I think I am ok with these DIY shots. I’ll save the fancy, frame-able, masterpiece photos for after the baby arrives. I mean, it’s not like I am going to display a maternity photo of myself in my house when I have the option of a baby photo instead, right??


28.5weeksTuesday, October 28th – I have been feeling emotional — in a good way — lately. I’m really in love with Travis and Crusher and I am enjoying spending a lot of time with them. I’ve also been thinking that this pregnancy thing is pretty fun. Amazing since I am also huge and a little uncomfortable. My appetite may finally be tapering off a bit. There just isn’t a lot of room for food. I have been craving juice, though! Lots of juice.

Saturday, November 1st – Today I am 29 weeks pregnant — already a week into the third trimester! I am sort of telling myself I only have two months left to go because I want to be ready for anything once January gets here. I guess I am also getting a little antsy and excited for BabyJ’s arrival. I better finish reading all of my baby & birthing books!

Today, I ran a 5k race in Manhattan. It was a fun run in conjunction with the NYC Marathon, which is tomorrow. We got to run through midtown and to the official marathon finish line. It was really fun to get to be a part of the atmosphere among all of the international runners. I can even say that I ran (shuffle jogged) almost the entire race! I was feeling pumped up and wanted to see if I had any running left in me after a fairly solid hiatus. It felt great on my legs… but pretty punishing on my bladder. And, oh man, my pelvic floor muscles are SORE now! Really tired and sore. I was not expecting it. Oof. I hope it will strengthen them. Despite the pounding on my bladder, I didn’t realize my pelvic floor was getting that much of a workout. I guess it is a tiny preview of my post-labor recovery…


dashtofinishI must admit that I think I was more motivated to run a lot of the race today after reading this article in the NY Times about elite runners training through pregnancies. Lots of friends had pointed it out to me, and even though it is inspiring, it also made me feel like a lazy slacker. Those women are running 50+ miles a week while pregnant! I don’t run that much when NOT pregnant. And running now is quite uncomfortable and hard. BUT, this extra interview made me feel better. When it comes to pregnancy exercise, it really all depends on what your body is used to. Some people think I’ve been exercising too much, but I feel guilty because I feel like I have cut back immensely. For the elites, 50 miles per weeks is a big cut back in their training routine, too. All women have to cut back on some exercise intensity while pregnant, we just all start from different places. And elites are elites because their bodies are exceptionally good at exercise… each woman just has to do what feels good to them. And for me, I think it will mean very little running until 2015!


Monday, November 3rd – Yesterday, Travis and I volunteered at a water station for the NYC Marathon. It was a fun and exciting day, like always, but six hours on my feet pouring water in the wind and sun ended up being tougher than I expected. I was basically fine during our shift and pumped up to be helping the runners, but afterward I was entirely exhausted and sore. My back was in pain. All of the volunteers were tired, so I don’t feel too bad about myself. But I just can’t pull all-day work shifts in my current condition. It took a nap, an evening on the couch, and 10 hours of sleep to recover!

Today was another doctor’s appointment. Everything — weight, belly size, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat — is still looking really good. I got to meet with another doctor at the NYU Langone practice for a few minutes and she was very friendly. I also got my whooping cough vaccine. So, all good. I go in for appointments every two weeks from here on out. BabyJ’s birthday is getting close!!

Wednesday, November 5th – Travis and I attended our first “Prepared Childbirth” class at the hospital last night. It was really good. It helped reinforce the fact that I will be delivering at an excellent, baby-friendly hospital. And it reassured me that I am in agreement with the hospital policies. It is easy to start getting nervous as I read all of the hospital horror stories in the home birth books, but I believe NYU Langone Medical Center will be a perfect place for our birth.

Travis and I learned a lot about early and active labor in this first class. I am glad that he got to hear so much of the info that I have been reading lately. I try to tell him the important bits, but I feel like he takes it more seriously when coming from an instructor. We learned about pain coping and breathing techniques and we practiced working through a few contractions. I was pleased when the instructor said that sitting on an exercise/birth ball is one of the best ways to prepare for labor. I am glad I already have one! She also said the most important thing to do to prep is relax. I am really working on that! I do feel more calm about the labor and delivery. I have a good feeling that it will go smoothly…


Thursday, November 13th – I am a little late publishing this update for my 30 week milestone on Saturday… Over the long weekend I traveled home to Kansas City to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday and to visit my grandma and aunts in Paducah, Kentucky. I was a little worried about traveling while 7 months pregnant but the flights were really no problem. I wore compression fitness tights on the plane ride there (at the suggestion of my doctor), but didn’t notice any swelling or bloating. I wore my jeans on the flights back and was also fine. I didn’t even have to use the bathroom on the planes. Nice! I basically had zero offers from anyone to help carry or lift my bags, which seems a little odd, but I managed pretty easily on my own. The day after I arrived, Mom and I drove 9 hours to Kentucky, then we attended a film festival for two days. The sitting for days on end was the hardest part of the trip. I should have been more diligent about fitting in exercise. But it was wonderful to visit with my grandma and aunts and hear their advice and thoughts on pregnancy and birth. I am very glad I went!

I think BabyJ is a little less than 4 pounds now. My app says he is the size of a large cantaloupe and he could gain up to 5 more pounds before delivery. I hope to gain less than 10 pounds overall by then, but we’ll see… my belly is getting huge. Somedays it is comfortable enough, but then other days he is moving all around and pushing out on my abs. Those days are uncomfortable. Exercise seems to help him get into a more settled position. I am trying to commit to staying as active as possible for these last two months. It is really tough, but it is daunting to think about taking another six weeks off from strenuous activity after the birth, too. If I were to take off from now until then, it would be four months of inactivity!! I feel like I am turning into sludge… but I am also trying to be forgiving and relaxed about the situation. Fitness and muscle tone are not the most important things right now… right? I should embrace the time to take it easy. I will try.

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pregnancy log: weeks 27 & 28

Oct 26th 2014 08:43:56 am


Tuesday, October 14th – I got the results back from my blood and glucose tests… and good news: NO anemia and NO gestational diabetes! Hooray! I also got a flu shot last week, so I am feeling healthy & smart. ha! Yesterday I had some cramping and a really tight belly (and BabyJ was moving all over like crazy) but today I feel MUCH better. I’ve been productive. Plus, the apartment is really starting to come together. All in all, I am happy.


travisbdayWednesday, October 15th – Today is daddy Travis’ birthday! My friend Suzy and I did some pre-natal exercise (walking) while running errands for the evening’s festivities. Suzy is pregnant, too!! (She just announced it this week!) She is about twelve weeks behind me and we couldn’t resist posing with our baby/fruit equivalents at the grocery store. Such a cute lemon and butternut squash! I am so thankful to have a friend going through this experience with me. It helps a lot to have someone to talk to.

(Travis got a few BabyJ-themed gifts for his birthday… I don’t think he minded too much.)

Friday, October 17th – Today marks exactly three months until BabyJ’s January 17th due date! AND the new rocker got delivered today. Once the ottoman arrives, I think it will be the perfect cozy spot to feed and snuggle.


Saturday, October 18th – Today I am officially 27 weeks pregnant. All is well, but I am feeling exceptionally huge these days. It is daunting to think that I have three more months to get larger! Staying active has already become a challenge — my back hurts when I overdo it on time on my feet — and I know it is just going to get more intense. I know that the rapid weight gain is mostly baby… but it isn’t ALL baby. My butt and legs are definitely getting flabby and out of shape. It seems unfair since I am walking (and climbing the three flights of stairs to our apartment multiple times) every single day. I get overwhelmed when I think about the future challenge of getting back in shape and losing weight. So scary.


Sunday, October 19th – Travis and I did a small four-mile race today with friends. I ran a tiny bit of it, but mostly walked. My bladder really gets battered and I have to pee too much when running, but I keep trying to do a little here and there. It was fabulous to see our friends, but I feel a little embarrassed. I am worried that “civilians” won’t understand why I am so huge. I mean, I know that everyone knows I am pregnant, but I still just feel GIANT. I am tempted to just hibernate for the next six months so I don’t have to face the world as a tired, flabby blob. Don’t worry, I won’t really hide. I know I need to come to terms with my size… I’m working on it… I know I am lucky to have a big, healthy baby growing happily inside.


Wednesday, October 22nd – You guys, this pregnancy thing is getting REAL. I know that I felt like it was real before, but things are getting way more intense now. (I am sure I will be repeating this sentiment every week until BabyJ arrives.) I am huge. Someone at the grocery store asked me if I was due this month! Gah. Everything is getting tricky: stairs, sleeping, reaching my feet. And my weight is out of control. I am truly concerned about making it almost three more months…

Thursday, October 23rd – My abs have been super tight and painful for the last 18 hours. I can’t get them to relax. It doesn’t seem to be affecting BabyJ, though. He has been moving all over!

Friday, October 24th – I need to be honest. This week was tough. As I close out the second trimester, I feel like the aches and discomforts of the third are already starting to hit me. I was tired and in pain most of the week and very concerned about making it until January. BUT today I woke up feeling SO MUCH BETTER! My abs are no longer tight and I just feel more comfortable. Thank goodness. I got a few hours of really good sleep and I even made it to prenatal yoga today and enjoyed it. I hope to have an active (but not too active!) weekend to welcome in the third trimester…

28weeksThe things I am trying to focus on these days: 1.) BabyJ! I need to take my attention away from my body image issues and just start dreaming about my sweet, little baby. We are so fortunate that he is healthy and progressing smoothly. 2.) I need to chill out about trying to figure out and plan the birth. It will happen as it happens and I need to just be open to the process. 3.) Instead of worrying about my doctor’s personality, I need to focus on how fortunate I am to have access to excellent medical care. Trying to stay calm and positive…

Saturday, October 26th – Today I am 28 weeks pregnant! I have officially made it to the third trimester! I definitely feel huge and a little uncomfortable, but also confident. I am working hard to focus on my strength and ability to be a good mama throughout this entire adventure.

I went to a pelvic floor workshop today in an attempt to be proactive about my postnatal situation. It was informative, but not entirely specific about what work I can do to help labor go smoothly… It was more about fixing problems after the fact. I have been working on my kegels and pelvic floor strengthening A LOT because many resources say that they can help prep you for a smoother labor, but my doctor basically said they wouldn’t help and the workshop instructor seemed to think focusing on flexibility was more important… so I am feeling a little confused about whether I am wasting my time. Or maybe over-strengthening? Can that happen? Do I really need to start massaging my perineum??

Sometimes I sort of wish I was one of those women who “didn’t know they were pregnant.” (If that ever TRULY happens. I’m skeptical.) Then I could avoid all of this incessant research, reading, and prep work. I mean, the baby is coming out either way, right? I want to be as knowledgable as possible, but at this point I am starting to suspect that no one really knows what they are talking about… Is that harsh? There is just so much conflicting information out there. I know I should err on the side of the medical professionals, but they are not very forthcoming with any specific info. (Beyond “don’t drink alcohol and gain 25 lbs.”) I guess I just need to chill out and roll with the experience. Yay pregnancy!

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pregnancy log: weeks 25 & 26

Oct 12th 2014 08:30:05 am


Monday, September 29th – Feeling good today! Travis and I had a really relaxing weekend (although with less exercise than I had planned) and I am feeling very comfortable and ready to get some work done today. Yesterday, we started rearranging the bedroom to make room for BabyJ’s crib, and we have been researching our stroller and carseat options. I think I’m leaning toward the lightest and most minimal models of everything. I don’t want to carry a 35-pound stroller up our stairs! Last week I met with an awesome mom friend (Hi Rebecca!) who lives nearby who gave me a lot of baby gear suggestions. She also lives in a walk up apartment and has two totally awesome and adorable kids. She is a complete pro and I basically plan to copy everything she does.

We still have 3.5 months to go, but Travis and I are getting really excited to meet this new, little human. I just hope he likes me!


Thursday, October 2nd – I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. I have a bit more energy during the day, even if my sleep doesn’t seem to be excellent during the night. My biggest issues/challenges/things right now are: (1) my increased weight gain, and (2) my obsession over researching baby and nursery gear. My weight is increasing rapidly now. I know that it is what is supposed to be happening and it means that BabyJ is growing big and strong, but it is taking much of my mental power to stay positive about my bigger and bigger body. My body fat percentage is also definitely increasing and I am scared. I am just going to try my best to stay active — even though a 3 mile walk with Crusher (self timer pic from our excursion seen above) kicked my butt yesterday! — and eat as healthily as I can. It just feels so unfair that thinness is so highly valued in women, and yet we are the ones that MUST gain weight to ensure the continuance of our species. Anyhoo, I am totally obsessed with this rocking chair and feel like I NEED it to cuddle in with BabyJ… never mind that we have no room for it.


Monday, October 6th – As of Saturday, I am 25 weeks pregnant! It was a fabulous weekend. I just felt really comfortable, content, and happy the whole time. My only complaint is really itchy skin.

On rainy Saturday we basically just had a lazy day and rested around the house, ate healthy snacks, and took Crusher for a good walk. Sunday we went into the city to look at baby gear. We went to Babesta in Tribecca and Giggle in Soho. Both places have really cool stuff, but they didn’t have everything that I had wanted to check out. I didn’t get to see the rocker or the bassinet I have been dreaming about… We did get to see our crib and stroller choices, though. And we couldn’t resist buying BabyJ a few outfits at Polarn O. Pyret, a Swedish children’s store. I had a lot of fun. I know we have three months to go, but I really want to start getting the apartment ready… I don’t want to leave all of the shopping and set up for right around the holiday season!

glucosetestFriday, October 10th – Yesterday was another pre-natal doctor appointment. Everything looks good. My blood pressure is low and BabyJ’s heartbeat is about 140 beats/minute. He probably weighs over 2 lbs now and is more than a foot long. Wow! I did the initial glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes. I had to drink some sugary liquid and then get my blood taken an hour later. I had read online that women hated the test and that the sugar drink tasted terrible… but I didn’t really mind it. It wasn’t a big deal at all. I need to keep that in mind. You can find so many anecdotal horror stories about all aspects of pregnancy online and they don’t necessarily represent the truth. I shouldn’t read them. I am also somewhat regretting reading the midwifery books I got recently. I asked my doctor some of the questions from the books (whether I can move, eat, or drink in labor, what some of her c-section policies are, etc.) and she was not amused. Now, my doctor is never amused, so I am trying to take it in stride. BUT I was a little more concerned that she called Ina May Gaskin an “extremist” and told me not to read her books. I understand where my doctor is coming from (I personally do not want to give birth at a commune in Tennessee with no electricity) but I wish there was some middle ground. I agree with a lot of the natural birth stuff AND a lot of the medical stuff, but I feel like both sides refuse to meet in the middle. It feels like you have to chose a side. Anyway, I am on board with my doctor and hospital and am fine with a lot of their procedures. I just hope everything goes as smoothly as possible… and I wish I could make my doctor be my friend. ha!

26weeksAs for BabyJ, he sort of has a routine and a favorite position now. He mostly snuggles down low in my belly facing the ground. Most of his kicks and punches are extremely low and directed downward. He seems to only move now when I am resting, like before bed or during a nap, and after I eat. I am still working on washing all of his little clothes and obsessing over organizing and cleaning the apartment. Overall, I have been feeling extremely good the last few weeks and I feel fortunate. I also feel huge… but as of right this minute, I am at peace with it.

Sunday, October 12th – As of yesterday, I am 26 weeks pregnant. BabyJ is either the size of a head of cauliflower or a butternut squash, depending on which app you are looking at. I wanted to take a fancier “belly pic,” but once again, you get a blurry photo from my computer’s Photobooth app. I am still feeling good. Travis and I exhausted ourselves by cleaning and rearranging the entire apartment yesterday. We still have some work to do — shelves to hang, crib to order — but it is looking pretty good. We are making room for the crib in our bedroom, which means the office has basically turned into a floor-to-ceiling storage room… but it is working out so far. (The exciting news is that I caved and ordered the rocker that I’ve been drooling over! We are making room for it in the living room.) Starting a family in an 800-square-foot, fourth floor walk-up apartment is not really my dream, but I am trying to roll with it. It will be difficult, but also cozy.

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Oct 7th 2014 12:44:48 pm

(or, Making a Baby is Harder than I’d Hoped)


My background:

I guess I already had a feeling that I wasn’t the most fertile woman in the world. Travis and I have been having sex… for a long time. (We’ve been together for 16+ years.) We are smart and careful, so we doubled up on birth control (bc pill & condoms) for a long time. No reason why we should have gotten pregnant and we didn’t want to. We both went to grad school, moved across the country, bought a tiny house, had jobs, started a business. I went off the pill when I was 27. We kept using condoms most of the time and sort of decided to see what happened. Maybe I should have been more concerned that nothing happened. But then we moved to NY, lived (and ran a business) in a tiny apartment, trained for marathons, had fun. I don’t want to be the cliched “modern” woman, but even though I really want children, I thought I had more time. I probably should have been more concerned when my cycles shortened to 25 days, but the doctors said it was normal. I’ve never missed a period in my life. I’ve never been underweight. My body has never failed me. I thought I was as healthy as possible. But I guess I also knew I was pressing my luck. We all think we can wait forever.

In the end, my fertility struggles were very minimal compared to what many other women face, but I want to share my experience just in case it helps any other women to be proactive about their own fertility. Plus, it is so easy to forget things and I want to have my thoughts written down for my own personal record.


Starting the process:

So… 2012 was a huge running year for me… no time for pregnancy! But after completing the Goofy Challenge and Bermuda Triangle Challenge in January 2013, Travis and I decided to get down to the business of trying to make a baby. We weren’t entirely diligent at first, but by April I was tracking my cycles and focusing on fertile days. I started using ovulation kits in July to pinpoint my most fertile days. Still nothing was happening. I hated taking the pregnancy tests just to get a negative result and I also hated not knowing what I could plan for the future. Could I run a marathon in November? Or should I not sign up? Could I train for an IronMan? Or should I devote more of my energy to focusing on baby making? Should I apply for a new job? Should we plan that big trip to Europe? It felt like everything needed to be put on hold until we knew whether or not a baby would be coming in the near future…

Fertility check-up:

Since I wasn’t getting pregnant as quickly as I had assumed it would happen, I decided I should go get things checked out. On September 11th, 2013, I had my first appointment with a new Ob/Gyn, Dr. Flagg at Spring OB/Gyn. I really liked her (she graduated from KU Med just like my brother and sister-in-law!) and she suggested I start a “Fertility Check-list” of tests and screenings. It consisted of blood tests looking at my hormone levels at different times during my cycle (FSH, AMH, TSH, Prolactin, and Progesterone), a genetic screening, a pap smear looking for any STDs or other problems, and multiple ultrasounds at different parts of my cycle to observe ovulation. (Plus, a sperm check for Travis.) In all, I think it consisted of five or six separate doctor’s appointments over two months. Looking back now it doesn’t feel like it was so bad… BUT at the time I felt like it was a HUGE hassle and very invasive. Luckily, I have not experienced many health problems in my life, so any type of medical procedure seemed very tough at first. Blood draws and trans-vaginal ultrasounds are not exactly fun, especially when you are doing them nearly every week. Not to mention the time I had to take away from work to get to all of the appointments. My work and life schedule is very flexible, but I remember thinking that anyone with a high powered job would never be able to fit in all the tests!

Every one of the tests came back with great results… except the AMH (Anti-Müllerian Hormone) or “egg timer” test. It is supposed to help doctors determine the size of your egg supply. (It also could indicate a possibility for early menopause. Great.) My number (.72) came back so low for my age that Dr. Flagg suggested I make an appointment with a fertility specialist. Her high level of concern made me worried. But she also told me not to stress over it too much. Ha! She also suggested acupuncture. Yuck. I was not interested in acupuncture, but I took her advice anyway. There are some medical studies that show some correlations between acupuncture and increased fertility, so I felt I should give it a try. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible to increase my fertility chances. I didn’t want there to be any one thing that I could look back on and say “if I had just tried that maybe things would have worked.”

I took any and all fertility advice… some of the things I tried:
(FYI: I 100% believe in modern medicine and believe it is the #1 thing that ultimately allowed me to get pregnant… these other things were just supplements to my medical care.)

  • accupuncture – I went to multiple appointments at two well-reviewed (and expensive) places, here and here. I know many people find acupuncture helpful, but I did not enjoy it. I also couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a scam when they were constantly trying to up-sell me herbs. I stopped going when the practitioner told me my surgery would probably not work and that I needed to increase my acupuncture visits to supplement it.
  • reduce running and strenuous exercise – My doctors told me that running was fine as long as I kept it under 45 minutes, 3 times a week. My medical chart was marked “excessive exerciser” since I had been doing much more than that. I cut back considerably, but had a hard time giving up such a huge hobby. I still ran the Brooklyn Marathon in November. (The acupuncturists told me to cut out all exercise except yoga and let my body focus its energies on reproduction.)
  • yoga – Everyone suggested yoga to help with stress. I made a point to start going, but it is not my favorite…
  • rich foods – Both the acupuncturists and the doctors suggested eating whole milk and full-fat dairy products, eggs, organ meats, bone broth, and dark green leafy vegetables — anything with lots of iron and/or nutrients. I think that the dietary recommendations didn’t hurt, but they would probably be more beneficial to someone who is malnourished or underweight. That being said, I am still drinking whole milk!
  • no more toxins, i.e. coffee & alcohol – it was hard to give these two up and it took a while for me to reduce them to zero…
  • vitamins & supplements – I started taking CoQ10, Royal Jelly, and a DHA/Omega3 vitamin in addition to my regular pre-natal.
  • voodoo fertility ring – Ok, so no one actually suggested this, but I bought a glass ring in New Orleans that claimed to enhance fertility. At best, it is a benign tourist trinket. At worst, I am co-opting a religion that I know little about… but still… I haven’t taken it off for over a year!
  • “baby make-cation” – So many fertility guides recommend reducing stress as a fertility tip, and taking a “baby making vacation” is the ultimate step! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but this one actually worked for us!

Fertility specialist help:

I have already talked about the difficulties of finding a doctor in NYC here. This is a huge city where many women put off having children for a long time… which means that fertility doctors are in HIGH demand. In November, I called one of Dr. Flagg’s recommended fertility doctors, Dr. Noyes at the NYU Fertility Center. Her office told me she didn’t have ANY appointments until March of 2014!! That was almost another six months of waiting! Gah. But in a miracle of miracles, the office called me back and said they had had a cancelation in early December and could I take the appointment? YES!

In the mean time, I had a final appointment and ultrasound at Spring Ob/Gyn… and they found a “structure” in my uterus. I guess it was something that they had noticed before that they thought would go away within a normal cycle, but it didn’t. They couldn’t tell me what it might be, but they suggested I make an appointment for sonohysterogram after I met with the fertility specialist. So many appointments! I was feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and sad. Thank goodness I had a close friend going through similar struggles at the same time. We would meet weekly to discuss our updates.


Thankfully, this is where the story starts getting good pretty fast… The fertility specialist, Dr. Noyes, immediately diagnosed me with a small uterine polyp at my first appointment. She said that even though it had mostly been too small to see in ultrasounds previously, it was probably preventing pregnancy for over a year. She booked me for surgery to remove it on January 14th, 2014.

I had never had surgery in a hospital before, so I was a little nervous about the general anesthesia… but it all went exceedingly well. I had almost no pain during or after. My period in January was a long and tough one, but otherwise I had no major side effects. At my check up appointment in February, Dr. Noyes said that my “fertility was enhanced” and that despite my low AMH number I should continue trying to get pregnant naturally until the summer. If it didn’t work she wanted me to start on a hormone protocol in May or June. I really didn’t want to do the hormones! Technically, I was diagnosed with infertility since I had been actively trying to get pregnant for a year without success. Boo.

Making a baby in Europe:

A lot of things lined up that allowed Travis and I to take our amazing month-long European vacation in April. It was an awesome experience. We had a wonderful, very romantic time… BabyJ was made the old-fashioned way somewhere in Italy. It almost feels too good to be true. I had decided not to track my cycles or use any type of ovulation kit while we were on the trip… we’d just have fun and see what happened! We had a lot of fun. I really can’t believe it worked. I feel very fortunate and thankful.



Reciting the facts of my brief, but scary encounter with fertility problems makes it all seem quick and matter-of-fact… but when I was actually going through it, it was all very upsetting and difficult. Going in for medical tests and then waiting for the results (which for all you know could be really bad news!) is very stressful. I felt isolated, uncertain, scared, and sad for a lot of 2013. I talked (and cried) with Travis and a few of my close friends a lot, but otherwise, I guess I didn’t want anyone to know I was struggling. For my family, I didn’t want them to worry. And I kept thinking, “Hopefully, I’ll have good news next month. I’ll tell them the whole story then.” I guess I was also afraid of being judged for making what felt like the terrible decision of waiting too long to start a family.

Despite all the tears and fear, from my current perspective, I actually feel thankful to have gone through the experience. It greatly reinforced my desire to have children, and it has made me very mindful of and grateful for my current pregnancy experience. It also gave me some insight and compassion for the major struggles women can face when trying to start a family.

I wanted to share my experience for two reasons:

1- To prompt women who might be concerned about their fertility to be really proactive and go see their doctor asap. Medical stuff can be sucky, but it can also fix most problems! The sooner you start investigating the problems, the sooner they can be fixed! I was pregnant within seven months of first going to see my doctor.

2 - To show that people go through tough stuff, even if you don’t know it is happening at the time. During the last year I’ve known friends who have had major surgeries, lost loved ones, received a cancer diagnosis, had their children receive a cancer diagnosis, etc… so many things that are so much more difficult than what I experienced. And yet, many of them didn’t want to share their struggles with the world either. Don’t assume that anyone’s life is perfect. Everyone is facing tough stuff of some sort and could use some kindness.


I am so thankful and thrilled that my pregnancy is going well so far. BabyJ seems strong and healthy and I can’t wait to meet him! I don’t want to take anything for granted.

If you are going through fertility struggles, let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to discuss any details!

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pregnancy log: weeks 23 & 24

Sep 28th 2014 08:49:01 am


week22.5Wednesday, September 17th – I am feeling down today. It has taken me longer than I’d like to recover from the fun of Reach the Beach weekend. I am behind on work and feeling tired. And even though everything is going very well — BabyJ is super active these days! — the smaller annoyances of pregnancy are getting to me today. I woke up three times in the night to pee. My boobs have gotten gigantic and just keep growing. I always feel full and bloated. I get completely out of breath every single time I have to climb the stairs to our apartment. And I am sick of not being able to have coffee or any type of easily obtained or prepared meat. Wah wah. I guess it is just hard to picture ever being able to feel normal again. In better news, Crusher loves laying by my baby belly whenever we rest. It is sweet.

Thursday, September 18th – I am feeling a little better today. I have been working on a blog post about my short, but scary struggle with infertility and it just reminds me that pregnancy at my age (or any time) is not guaranteed. I don’t have to enjoy all of the symptoms of pregnancy, but I do want to really embrace the experience. I hope to have more children, but who knows what will happen. This may be my only pregnancy. I want to take it all in and remember it. Lately I’ve been manifesting this intention by being a little easier on myself. I’ve been resting a bit more and trying not to beat myself up for being behind on work. I’ve also treated myself to a few pregnancy goodies, like this lotion, that I really probably don’t NEED but that make pregnancy feel special. I’m also getting into nesting… but that is somewhat stressful. I want everything to be clean and organized!


23weeksSunday, September 21st – As of yesterday, I am 23 weeks pregnant! The weeks are flying by! This week I have been sleeping a lot and eating a lot. I need to get back to being more diligent about healthy food choices. I have been craving sweets and sugary drinks, which isn’t good. Travis is making me a fruit smoothie right now for breakfast… he is sweet to me and BabyJ. I have also been really itchy lately, on my belly and boobs (which feel totally stretched to the max!) but also on my legs. I bought basically all the pregnancy lotions from Mio Skincare. I think they do help, but I reapply multiple times a day. Overall, I am really loving BabyJ and he seems to be happy as can be swimming around in his uterus home.

Monday, September 22nd – I dreamed about eating candy and drinking milk last night. I think lil’ BabyJ wants calories.

Wednesday, September 24th – I feel like this log is getting a bit repetitive… I don’t have much new to report. I have been pretty happy and in love with BabyJ over the last few days. He likes food, music, and sunlight. They all make him move around a lot! My belly is getting a bit unwieldy and sleeping is getting a little more difficult. And a bad night’s sleeps means I take a daytime nap, and then the nap causes night time sleep to be harder… it is a self-perpetuating cycle. Good thing I really like naps! I am also starting to gain weight at a pretty quick pace. I am still within my “goal” range, but I am getting a little scared. I am hungry a lot of the time. It is still a little early to start REALLY prepping for BabyJ’s arrival, but I figure I can start washing some of his blankets and clothes… of course, I had to test them out on Crusher first!


23.5weeksThursday, September 25th – Oh man, I am emotional today. I have so much work to catch up on, but I just keep looking at pregnancy stuff online and reading birth stories (like this one) and crying. I hate feeling so uncertain about how the birth will progress. SO many of my friends and acquaintances have had c-sections that I am starting to lose hope when it comes to trying for a natural birth. I broke down earlier in the week and bought a bunch of pregnancy books. I told myself I wasn’t going to — there is too much info and too many opinions out there!! — but I met with an awesome mama friend on Monday who suggested a couple… I’ll let you know which ones I end up liking best. I think I may need an intervention, though. I need to take a step back from researching all of the birth videos, baby registry suggestions, pregnancy exercises, and placenta services. I am falling too far down the rabbit hole…

Friday, September 26th – I am skipping pre-natal yoga today. An hour and a half is just such a long time to take out of my work day. BUT I got a big exercise ball to sit on at my desk. It will supposedly help stretch my pelvis and perineum in preparation for labor.

Saturday, September 27th – Today I am 24 weeks pregnant! It feels like a milestone because it is the age at which NY state officially considers your fetus to be viable outside the womb. Woohoo! BabyJ seems to have shifted position considerably recently. He seems to be laying horizontal now because I am feeling kicks and punches on both far sides of my belly. He also seems to be fitting in there better because my belly feels a little flatter. BUT I also had awful heartburn all last night… so maybe he has just moved up closer to my stomach. His kicks are feeling a little stronger these days and I still love them. My current craving: Sweets! So many sweets. All I want is donuts and I know that isn’t good. I am trying to resist. My exercise/activity level was lower this week than I would have liked, but otherwise, all seems to be going well.

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Reach the Beach 2014

Sep 25th 2014 06:25:24 pm


Travis and I completed our third Reach the Beach relay event earlier this month. My running role was much shorter and slower this year, but Travis and I still had a fantastic weekend Reaching the Beach with 28 of our fun and wacky Brooklyn running friends. How amazing is it to find a group of people who can spend 30+ hours in mini vans together without sleep or showers, run 600+ miles, eat mostly just pretzels and MnMs, and come out the other end smiling more than ever?!


This year our Warriors group consisted of three teams of 10 people each. Our van of five was me, Travis, Amanda, Larry, and Nate. It was Nate’s first time at RTB and I hope we helped make it a fun experience for him. I had an awesome time with our van mates! It was really a no stress, smooth, and even EASY weekend. Amazing.


Since we were van 2, we spent the first portion of the event cheering for our team mates who ran the first five legs. We started the race earlier in the day this year than in the past, so when it was our turn to run, it was still light out! Nice. We ran, drove, cheered, handed off the baton (slap bracelet) at the transitions, and basically just got it done.


I had originally been assigned to run 18 miles during the event, but since I had experienced a difficult four-mile race the week before, I was nervous about my ability to do it… at least to do it in any type of time that wouldn’t completely sink our team. Thankfully, Larry switched legs with me and I got to run 13 miles of much easier terrain. Whew. That was a big relief. I had been worried that Travis may need to run some of my legs for me… but sadly, he had an injured calf and actually couldn’t do his third leg. Joel ended up running it and totaled more than 30 miles for the weekend! Crazy.


I was the last runner in our van to go. My first leg happened to be the same first leg course that I’ve run for the past two years. I am glad that I got to run it again because it was fun to see the terrain while it was still light out. It was VERY hilly and it ended on a grass hill heading up to a farm. I was slow, but still felt really good about running most of it (walking only the big hills). And the best part was that my ENTIRE TEAM was at the farm waiting for me to finish and cheering me on. Definitely an inspiring experience… even if I felt a little embarrassed. It felt like I was running HARD, but on video I’m sort of doing a pregnancy waddle. Oh well, everyone was super supportive.


We rested a little, ate some dinner at a cute and welcoming church, and then ran our next set of legs. It is already hard to remember the details, but my second and third legs went pretty smoothly. I even ran the third one (just a 5k) a tiny bit faster! In between we grabbed some sleep at a transition area. I think I slept for a full two hours on the back seat of the van. I didn’t think it would really help much, but I woke up refreshed. Wow!


Overall, I think this may have been my smoothest and easiest year at RTB, which is totally crazy since I didn’t even know if I was going to do it. I thought that being pregnant would make me really uncomfortable, but I actually felt fine the entire time. BabyJ loved the music in the van and he seemed to sleep when I was running. Thankfully, my team was understanding of my slow speed and need for low mileage… I think that made all the difference. I wasn’t as stressed about being FAST this time around. I felt comfortable watching my breathing and heart rate during the runs and not over-exerting myself. I also worked hard on eating healthy snacks and staying hydrated in between the runs. And I used a LOT of porta potties!


It was another really fun weekend of running south through the mountains of New Hampshire, riding in vans, listening to music, and getting to know our friends a little better. I know that I probably won’t get to do the event again for quite a while, so I am glad that I decided to participate this year despite being pregnant. It felt empowering to complete the event, but even more so, it felt really incredible to have a team that welcomed me, accepted, and encouraged me as a pregnant runner and team mate.



Check out all of my photos from the event HERE.

Blast from the past:

Reach the Beach 2013 // Reach the Beach 2012

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Pregnancy log: weeks 21 & 22

Sep 15th 2014 01:09:23 pm


showeronsieSunday, August 31st – My sweet mom and her super-kind and generous neighbor (and friend!), Sarah, hosted a surprise baby shower for me today. It was a lot of fun with all of Travis’ family in attendance. I wasn’t expecting a shower, so it really made me feel loved. Sarah decorated in cute baby boy style and made all sorts of awesome food and treats. She had chocolate dipped pretzels and Oreos, and fruit kabobs in a watermelon carved into a baby carriage! Very impressive! We even played a baby shower game and guessed the prices of baby essentials. I did not win. I think I was guessing NYC prices! I received so many adorable outfits (like this very accurate “Made in Italy” onesie from Dad) and goodies for BabyJ! I think he is now basically set for the first few months clothes-wise. What a lucky baby! I am not sure how we are going to fit all of his gear in the apartment… we need to start clearing out some space!


Friday, September 5th – This week went by quickly! I spent most of it in Kansas City spending time with family. There is never enough time to visit with everyone sufficiently and I feel really weird about maybe not seeing everyone again until after the baby arrives. I’m afraid they won’t ever know me as an individual again! Or, everyone will only focus on the baby from here on out and forget about me. Sniff. Oh well, I am pretty focused on the baby, too. 20.5weeksI am really having fun being pregnant. That being said, I had a bout of body image panic when my mom and I were shopping for maternity clothes on Wednesday. It is just scary to be getting so large. But my mama bought me some comfy clothes from Gap Maternity and I am feeling better. I know that gaining the correct amount of weight is optimal and I don’t want to skimp on any nutrients, but it still seems daunting to have to lose it all later… when I’ll have a lot less free time. Oof. The good news is that the travel to and from KC was no problem. I felt fine and had no trouble with the flights. I just made sure I had my water bottle with me, and stopped in the bathroom any chance I got. The other REALLY good news is that I can really feel BabyJ moving around now! Travis can even feel some movements from the outside. So fun!

Saturday, September 6th – Today I am officially 21 weeks pregnant! More than half way done. Wow. I attempted to run a 4-mile race in Central Park today, but it turned into a walk. And then I experienced a really fast heartbeat and got really light headed. I had to stop and sit down. It was scary. I finished the race (I need it for my NYC Marathon 9+1), but it was very slow going. I’ve been getting light headed easily these days, like when I stand up too quickly. They say it is a sign of low blood pressure. I also think I was dumb and did not eat this morning before the race. I was just feeling so full when I woke up. I didn’t think I could fit anything else in my stomach… not smart. I think I am still having a bit of trouble getting enough calories in general. (Still so weird.) I get full so easily and then have really bad heartburn most days. I will try harder to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day.


Tuesday, September 9th – Today was our anatomy ultrasound. It was about an hour long and we got to see all of BabyJ’s parts and systems. He is looking really good, wiggling around a lot. He weighs approximately 1 pound 2 ounces and the technician said he is going to be very tall. He is still in the 96% percentile for size. The tech was also really impressed with his bicep and calf definition. It is always so fun to get to see BabyJ, but the sonogram photos are about the same as last time… but this time we got a print-out of the bottom-up photo of the proof that he is a male fetus! One for the scrapbook – ha! Tomorrow is my official doctor’s appointment, so I might find out more about his measurements and what not then. I am feeling really fine, but more tired than I was expecting/hoping. Everyone says the second trimester is supposed to come with renewed energy levels, but I still feel unproductive and totally brain dead some days. I think I have low blood pressure because I get light headed really easily, like when I stand up or over-exert myself. I’m going to ask the doctor about it tomorrow. I want to do some running this weekend, but need to make sure it is safe…


Tuesday, September 10th – I had another pre-natal doctor appointment today. My doctor had a really busy night in the delivery ward, so I saw her assistant again and met with one of the other doctors on the team. They were both really nice. It was a good appointment this time. My cervix looks excellent and there is no evidence of the previously minimal placenta previa. My blood pressure did not measure too low, and the doctor actually ran the same 4-mile race as me on Saturday and said the heat was probably what caused my over-exertion. She says I can keep running as long as I feel good, which is great because I am running a relay race this weekend which might be tough. She said it was ok to do as long as it was something I am used to. I’ll just really watch my heart rate and walk as much as I need to. In other good news, the Quad Screen test came back with excellent results, all within the minimal risk ranges for any chromosomal abnormalities. So, the doctors don’t recommend an amniocentesis. I am glad. AND, I have been offered a seat on the subway three times lately! All by women. I usually accept. I mean, I might as well enjoy this whole pregnancy thing!


rtbbabyMonday, September 15th, 2014 – Officially, week 22 of this pregnancy ended on Saturday, but I was in a van completing the Reach the Beach relay with Travis and 28 of our fun running friends. I wasn’t sure if I would do the relay this year. It is not something that you would necessarily recommend to a pregnant woman — running many miles, some at night, sitting in a van for 30+ hours, getting little sleep and using lots of porta potties — but it is something I have done for the past two years and the doctors didn’t have any concerns about it. My difficult 4-mile race last weekend scared me, but with much less mileage than previous years and a very slow run/walk pace, I had a GREAT time at RTB! I am glad I did it. My team was really supportive and I had no problem with the running or any other aspect of the event. My lower abs and bladder got tired from all of the high impact, hilly terrain, but otherwise I felt good. In fact, I feel like this was the easiest year of RTB for me! (Probably because of my low mileage.) I even got a few hours of sleep! I loved spending time with my friends and traveling through the pretty New Hampshire terrain. BabyJ loved the music in the van and I think he fell asleep when I was running. He seems to have had a good time! So, it was a successful weekend. Now that we are back home, BabyJ seems to be moving ALL THE TIME! I think he is doing flips. I am feeling really used to being pregnant at this point and I love feeling him moving around… so now I am having a bit of anxiety about him living outside of me in a few months. I like the set up we have now! ha!

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pregnancy log: weeks 19 & 20

Aug 31st 2014 06:46:12 am


babygiftMonday, August 18th – I kicked off week 19 with my first official prenatal yoga class. Yoga is sometimes hard for me to get through, but I really enjoyed tonight’s class. It was awesome to see women of all shapes and all stages of pregnancy working to stay healthy and continue using their bodies. It was really beautiful and inspiring, actually. The class was a bit easier than normal yoga classes, but it was very supportive and nurturing. We worked a lot on hip flexibility and body awareness. My goal is to start going twice a week. In other news, I think I’ve been eating a bit more… but I still get heartburn most days. BabyJ got his first gift in the mail today from his Uncle Adam and Aunt Nina. The baby clothes are so darn cute! They make me even more excited for BabyJ’s arrival!

Tuesday, August 19th – Egads, guys! I think my appetite is picking up! Even after oatmeal, fruit, and milk for breakfast, I was starving for lunch at 11 am. That is pretty normal, but I am not getting full as quickly as usual! And sweets are more appealing now! Oh no.

Saturday, August 23rd – Today marks the end of week 19. We are getting so close to the half way point! I am feeling good this week. It has been hinted that I am too concerned with exercise, but I feel good staying active, so I am going to try to keep it up. I’ve definitely pulled back my intensity recently, but this week I did a great mix of prenatal yoga, walking, swimming, and a little running. This morning Travis and I ran a 5k in Harlem. It was fun and I felt strong running (run/walk) but my belly was definitely a bit uncomfortable and bouncing on my bladder. I think the belly issue will eventually be the factor that makes me cut out running completely… but not yet! Travis and I also attempted a trip to Target and Babies R Us to try to start some gift registries… it is too hard! I really don’t feel like we need a ton of stuff, and the stuff we do need (stroller, car seat, crib) I feel I haven’t researched enough. It is overwhelming!

week19.5Monday, August 25th – A runny nose, heartburn, and the continuous need to pee are my constant companions. Also, thirst. I am always thirsty. But I think water gives me heartburn! Also, I am craving “everything” bagels and cream cheese. So weird. And my weight is definitely inching upwards. I know it is healthy, normal, and necessary, but it is still scary to edge into previously unseen weight categories… Despite all the symptoms, I really am enjoying being pregnant. I love the thought of carrying my little babe everywhere, but oh man, I can’t believe I have 20+ more weeks of it!

Tuesday, August 26th – My belly (seen to the left) feels pretty out of control. I don’t think I can disguise it anymore. I feel huge, but I know I’m only going to get bigger.

Thursday, August 28th – I have been thinking a lot about how amazing it is to be pregnant and how cool it is to be creating a new, little human. It is an incredible experience and I am so glad that I get to do it. BUT… then I woke up super-sluggish and overwhelmed today. And all I want to eat are Doughnut Plant donuts. But I had a healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast instead. Ick. And I have so much work to do before our trip to KC tomorrow, but all I want to do is rest…

UPDATE: Travis saved the day by bringing me Doughnut Plant donuts after work. Yum. I ate two donut seeds in about 3 minutes.

Saturday, August 30th – Today marks the official half way point of this pregnancy! It feels like an accomplishment to have made it to 20 weeks. My belly is bigger than ever (naturally) and I am really feeling good. I haven’t napped in days and I even went out for a nice run/walk this morning. I’ve been feeling really small baby movements, I think… like little gas bubbles, but in the front of my belly. I am looking forward to feeling more distinct movements. Hopefully soon!

I ate too many sweets today since it was a party day — we celebrated Isabella’s 90th birthday with Travis’ family in KC. It was a lovely day with lots of family and friends. Isabella had four children and now has 15 (with 1 on the way!) great-grandchildren. Amazing.

20 weeks

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first trimester pregnancy favorites

Aug 26th 2014 02:23:43 pm


I really can’t believe I have already made it through nearly half of this pregnancy. I think it feels most unreal because we waited so long to tell everyone the good news. But now that we’ve made the announcement, I have a lot to say!!

Overall, I think I am taking to pregnancy really well, but I did feel frustrated and sick during the first trimester. Weeks 5 through 11 were the worst for me. I was fatigued and nauseous most of the time. I didn’t actually throw up ever, so I guess it could have been a lot worse. Exercise was nearly impossible during those first weeks and I’d get a fast heart beat doing nearly any type of physical activity. I spent a lot of time resting.

Now that I am in the second trimester, I am feeling much better — and more hungry!! I am glad that I kept this list of my favorite first trimester items because I may have forgotten what the first few weeks were like. Perhaps these ideas will help your early pregnancy go smoothly…

My First Trimester Favorites:

  1. Prenatal Vitamins – I’ve been taking New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin for years now (always hoping to get pregnant!) and I added Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA once I found out that I finally was pregnant. Both were ok’d by my doctor and neither make me sick (some women have a hard time with vitamins making them nauseous). I spread out taking them over the course of the day with food.
  2. Ovia Pregnancy App – I downloaded a bunch of pregnancy apps to track the little babe’s progress, but the Ovia Pregnancy app has been my favorite. It tells you about your baby each week (with cute little illustrations) and allows you to input and track a lot of info, like your activity level and weight. It also gives you daily tips and articles. Some of the articles are a little vague (they are not doctors!) but I like that this app seems to have WAY less ads than the other apps I’ve tried.
  3. Claussen Dill Pickle Spears – My doctor said I should avoid salty foods and that the cravings were basically in my head… but I just can’t believe that. Some days, a pickle was the only thing I wanted and the only thing that made me feel better. Claussen Dill Pickle Spears were the very best.
  4. Lime Seltzer Water – I’ve always loved seltzer water, but I went through nearly a 2-liter of Schweppes Lemon Lime Seltzer Water every day during the first trimester! I tried doing real lemon and lime wedges for a while, but they really exacerbated my heartburn.
  5. Chimes Ginger Chews – I wasn’t craving any sweets or candy during the first trimester, but these Ginger Chimes Chews (in the Orange flavor) were occasionally a big help with my nausea. They have a very fresh and strong ginger flavor and they are all natural.
  6. Star Trek Voyager – Ok, so you may not share my love for sci-fi, but I definitely recommend having a go-to tv series to watch at those times when you are too tired to move or you decide to stay on the couch on Friday night instead of going out. Bonus points if it contains strong female characters! (I guess a book could work, too. ha!)
  7. Flowy Maxi Dress – I wasn’t showing at all in the first trimester and could mostly wear my normal pants, but I did have some abdominal discomfort and definitely didn’t feel comfortable sucking in my stomach. Sometimes you don’t want to wear restrictive pants, or a clingy, form-fitting maxi dress (like so many pregnancy sites recommend), but this silk dress from J. Crew is perfect. The waist band is elastic and can be worn above the belly. It is loose, comfy, and flattering.
  8. New bras – My boobs grew a cup size pretty fast. I splurged on two new bras from Cosabella. They aren’t cheap, but they are very high quality and comfortable. I also bought this soft bra for lounging and sleeping. This is a lot of info, but my nipples have been so sensitive that it is uncomfortable to go braless basically ever.

So, that is my list… what do you think? What were your favorite things that helped you through your first trimester?

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Antiques Roadshow

Aug 25th 2014 01:10:15 pm


On August 9th, Travis and I were lucky enough to get to attend the taping of Antiques Roadshow in NYC! We had both entered the ticket lottery for the event, but didn’t win. BUT then our friend Lawrence came through for us and somehow magically got us tickets! (I still don’t know how he did it, but I owe him lots of thanks.)

Antiques Roadshow might just be my favorite television show. Travis and I watch every new episode. Sure, it can be a little bit repetitive (lots of Tiffany lamps!) but I love seeing any of the art and jewelry appraisals. Plus, it is fascinating to see what people collect!


If you don’t watch Antiques Roadshow, here is the basic idea: the producers and appraisers go to different cities and locals bring in their antiques to see if they are worth anything. The good stuff gets taped for the show. It has been running (originally on the BBC) since 1979, and it has gotten so popular in the US that they have to limit tickets to each taping event. The taping in NYC was held at the giant Javits Convention Center. Our tickets indicated the latest arrival time of 5 pm, so by the time we had arrived, the lines were apparently much shorter than what they had been earlier. But we still spent more than two hours in line for our first appraisal!!


Each visitor to the taping MUST bring at least one antique, and can bring up to two. Travis and I brought: my great-grandmother’s diamond ring, my other great-grandmother’s locket, Travis’ great-grandfather’s retirement watch, and our original first generation iPod.

We went in knowing that our antiques were not spectacular, and they ended up appraising for about what we expected… not much. The “collectibles” appraiser thought the iPod was funny, but didn’t have any idea of what it was worth. He said to check eBay. Ha. The one surprise was that they said the diamond ring could not have been from the 20s… it was made no earlier than 1938, they said. Hmmmmmm. So maybe it was not my great-grandmother’s original engagement ring?


The thrill of the day was when I got to meet the twin furniture appraisers known as the Keno Brothers (seen above) and the show host, Mark Walberg (seen below).


They were all really friendly. I was impressed that they were as chatty and accommodating as they were since it was the end of a very long day for them. I suppressed my embarrassment and asked for each of their autographs! Travis and I had a plan to show off my autographed ticket in the “feedback booth” and say we were bringing it back for Antiques Roadshow 2050… but we chickened out when we saw the line for the booth… too much line standing for one day!



Overall, it was a really fun experience. Lots of standing in line, but it was fascinating to get a peek at what other attendees had brought for appraisal. There were a lot of watches, jewelry, and prints.

I am really excited to see the final episode when it airs in the fall! Travis and I most likely will NOT be on tv, but we *might* be in the background of a painting appraisal… watch for us!!

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