my hubby is so style-savvy… and thoughtful!


so, travis (my husband for 4 months, now) takes classes at UMKC. some days he has little breaks, and on some of those breaks he goes strolling about the Plaza, like a man-about-town. today on one of these plaza-breaks he bought me a present! i love presents! and he suprised me with it after work (which is good because i worked a long day, today: 7 1/2 hours!).

to make a long story a bit shorter, he delighted me with the presentation of my very own Trish McEvoy Little Treasures Pretty Collection lip palette. it is encased in a sterling silver mirrored compact, with matching retractable lip brush, that both fit in a red suede pouch perfect for purse travel. i am in love with it!

Trish McEvoy cosmetics make very classy gifts.


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  1. Uh it’s cool that he got you a present, but couldn’t he have gotten you something cool? Like a video game or a big piece of chocolate?

  2. comments are experienceing a little difficulty on rachel’s site. you can comment, but the page that you see next gets messed up. i will get it working sometime soon.

  3. no, is not mine. it is rljart is only at but you know that now, since you already found it.

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