to coach, or not to coach…


i have been thinking a lot about handbags lately….

i really have been thinking about the marc jacobs white leather bag with his signature buckles that i saw at Halls, but it cost over a grand. i don’t think travis would let me invest in a gorgeous handbag before we are even able to get a new computer…. so, i have had to start thinking about alternatives for my next purse purchase.

this is where Coach comes in. i really like the new Winter White version of the Soho Small Duffle (with the Multi Snowflake Keyfob, ofcourse), and it is quite affordable…. but i have a dilema with Coach. Is not Coach too obvious? Everyone knows that Coach makes quality bags, but the dilema is that everyone, including soccer moms, grandmothers, and teeny boppers, have one. is it possible for one to express their own personal style genius with a handbag that is so popular? i am not sure, but the Winter White Soho sure has a striking resemblance to that beautiful marc jacobs i dream about….


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