enough cheap stuff…bring on the diamonds!


now that my engagement ring is going on two years old, i have become used to it’s beautiful glittering presence and, although i still adore it, i have begun to think about my next diamond aquisition… however far in the future it may be….

this is where the Right Hand Diamonds come into play. see, i am not really a diamond tennis bracelet or broach girl (although if you already have one picked out for me for christmas, there is no need to return it!), so another sparkling ring seems right up my ally.

any of the ‘right hand’ diamond rings at Tiffany & Co. would fit the bill, but the one above with its platinum setting, diamond side stones, and round-cut aquamarine is especially nice!

p.s. don’t worry eveyone, i am not really expecting diamonds for christmas… at least not this christmas! i give you five years, travis.


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