First off… I bought the poncho featured in this previous entry. Except I got a blue and brown striped one. It is a little more low key than the bright pink, but still cute. I wore it out to the movies last night with Aaron & Travis. We saw The Day After Tomorrow. It was exciting!

Second, I finally ran with my running group today (went 6 miles – but had to walk a bit), and I am planning on signing up for the Amy Thompson Run to Daylight 5K. The race is on Monday morning.

Last, Travis still doesn’t think it is a good idea to get a puppy, but I am supposed to retract my statement of him not liking dogs. He does like dogs, just not when they lick him.


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  1. Try for a kitten, they are so adorable! The poncho is darling…works in this weather very well, doesn’t it? When do you move? A kitten could help you pack by keeping track of the twine!

  2. i wish we could get a kitten, but i still don’t think travis will go for it. (we move on june 15th…by the way.)

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