knee-high abe

You might have read in Travis’ last post that we went to the Royal’s game last night. I had a pretty good time and i found a new favorite player (now that Johnny Damon and Jermaine Dye are gone).

My new favorite baseball player is Abraham Nunez! Here are the reasons why he is my favorite:


– cute photo!

– he wears knee-high socks with his baseball pants, instead of those new-fangled boot-cut numbers…

– his up-to-bat music is In da Club by 50 cent!

– he did really good in last night’s game.

Well, i guess those are all the reasons… Check out his stats.

9 Replies to “knee-high abe”

  1. You should tell Luke you are busy going to Baseball games, Pottery Barn, American Art Review, running and the wedding. Not to mention an occasional visit with your Mom.

  2. He does kind of look doofy. One of my friends up here has a digital camera and I am going to get a picture of Beatrix so I can post it on my blog.

  3. whose wedding? I’m ok with not updating by the way, I’m just freaked out by Skeletor. Ask Travis, I’m sure he heard about Solah’s skeletor.

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