apparently it’s wedding season

Two of my most favorite upper-classmen from Graceland got married on Sunday. Jeff and Karyn are like saints. Jeff just finished med school and is starting his residency in Colorado, and Karyn has been on service trips to both Africa and China. Their wedding was awesome. The bridesmaids wore white, strapless dresses, which were cute. I thought that being white, they would blend in with Karyn’s dress, but how wrong I was! Karyn wore a champagne-colored, satin dress with a deep V-cut neckline in front. She also wore a long veil that acted as her train. Gorgeous! The ceremony had great music, including an African singing group. I had a fun evening and we saw lots of old friends from school. On a different note, in the church there was a poster advertising Graceland, and guess what… I had a picture on it! I know, it never fails. This one takes the cake, though – my stomach is showing! (The photo is from a Hawaiian Club Luau about 4 years ago.)

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