i might survive, afterall

I knew today was going to be bad this morning (blame it on PMS & my boses being back in town), but somehow I made it to the other end no worse for wear.

I am stressing about the move. Mostly because we have no plan and the people from student housing at UO called saying we need to check in asap, but Travis and I talked about it tonight and I think we have it a little figured out. We are going to use a moving company of some sort and drive our cars out ourselves. Our last days of work will be August 19th. That still doesn’t take care of the ‘checking in’ part, but I am calling on that tomorrow.

Other bad parts about today: my phone ran out of batteries, my boses were cranky, I didn’t get to go to Starbucks, and I spent a half-hour unsuccessfully trying to get a perscription filled. Also, Travis showed me the official website of Fred Phelps (which I will not link to out of protest), and even though he thinks it is funny, it makes me depressed. I don’t want God to hate everyone.

The good parts: I went to my cross training class, went to Chipotle with Travis, figured out a semi-plan for the move, read jenn’s post – very cute, had a suntan popsicle, listened to Travis play guitar (he is getting better), and got to spend the evening relaxing… also, I know in my heart that Fred Phelps is just a cranky old man – kinda like Andy Rooney.

So in the end, I guess the good parts out-weigh the bad. Although, I might not be saying that tomorrow morning….

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  1. I do not find fred phelps funny at all. I find him despicable. I think everyone has the right (given to them by the GOVERNMENT, novel idea, i know) to live as they please, as long as they don’t interfere with anyone else’s way of life. Fred interferes and should be locked up. I agree with Joseph Smith that, in so many words, God would not have made us this way if we weren’t supposed to live this way.

  2. Strictly speaking, it’s not the government that gives us our rights. According to the Constitution, the inalienable rights are given to us by God (or by our human nature as living, thinking beings). If it was the government that gave us our rights, the government could take them away too. But as a society we believe that our rights cannot be taken away, except in extreme circumstances.

  3. Fred Phelps and his crew were protesting by First Family Christian Church on 143rd a few months back. I was driving by to get to Einstein Brothers and saw them. I found it interesting because FFC is so right wing and anti-gay, I didn’t really understand why Phelps was there. Regardless, I saw the signs and had to slow down, roll down the windows, throw a few fingers around and yell some choice words. To me, free speech means I get to yell back. And Paul is absolutely right, our rights are our own, the government’s job is to protect them. It’s about time I got to say something on Rachel’s blog. I really can’t comment on sweater gapping.

  4. oh, so many things to say about fred phelps and his twisted followers….because of thier many recent trips to colorado springs (yes, i know, unfortunatly the conservative capital of the country) and also the denver area, i have quite a few choice words for his brand of evangelism. they have protested in the most inappropriate situations, including our local downtown high school and at the funeral of two beloved community members, and not only am i disgusted that they publically promote their views, but in doing so completely degrade and dehumanize any people who believe differently than them. rachel-
    don’t let it get you down and don’t buy into their views on god and their thoughts on “his” feeling toward everyone. doing so only gives them strength. while they technically have the right to say what they like in a public forum, paying too much attention to them only gives them more fuel to continue on.

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