Wyoming, Utah, Idaho

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and I only had to ride in the car today – no driving for me! It was nice, but it is still so tiring to just be sitting all day. I don’t get how that works…

The scenery was a bit nicer today, but Wyoming was quite arrid and it didn’t have very large mountains where we were driving. The photo in the middle above is of Tree Rock in Wyoming. The pine tree is growing right out of a rock! (I think it can also be seen in the Oregon Trail computer game.) I did get to see one small herd of buffalo (or bison, if you prefer), but they were too far away to get a photo. We also drove by close enough to see the Great Salt Lake in Utah, but again, no good photos of it. Idaho is very pretty and the weather is so nice. Seventy-five degrees tonight and so crisp! We are staying at an Ameritel Inn in Twin Falls. It is soooo nice. Much better than the Holiday Inn from yesterday, and cheaper! We have a king size bed! And a kitchenette! Pretty swank.

Anyway, I have been oh so crazy about sending camera phone photos to my Flickr account. I sent 19 today! We are also going to try to upload all of our regular digital camera pictures to Flickr tonight, so you can look out for those, too. This whole Flickr thing has really been fun… Check out my Flickr page and Travis’, too!

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