chickpea soup


Travis bought me some great cookbooks for Christmas, but they have yet to be used because my January Cottage Living arrived with some tasty recipes for winter soups. I made the Mama’s Chicken Soup last week and it was delicious. We ate it for three meals! I was feeling ambitious after my soup success and decided to try out the Chickpea and Pasta Soup yesterday. I think it was a success, but I don’t think chickpea soup is my favorite food. Because of a mistake at the grocery store, I had to replace half of the required chickpeas with pasta… I think it was all for the better, though, because chickpeas are very filling! I managed to eat the soup for two meals, but I don’t think I would make it again. I would only recommend this recipe to those who are big fans of hearty soups (almost more of a stew) and chickpeas. All in all, I really enjoy making soups… especially in the winter. They are healthy, and easy, and there are always leftovers!

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