wrecking crew softball

Dave & Summer ————– Travis & Me —————– Jessica & Joe

Travis and I have been playing on a co-ed softball team organized by friends from his work. The games are always fun, and our team is undefeated! We have played seven games, and we have three more for this season. Check out the team website for more details.

The high point of last night’s game for me was hitting the ball once when I was up to bat (I usually strike out). There were also a few homeruns hit by our team that were very exciting. I meant to take more photos last night at the game, but I only managed to take four. There are lots more fun people on the team, so I will have to try to get a group shot at some point.

2 Replies to “wrecking crew softball”

  1. man you guys look like yer having a ton of fun!

    i never heard back from you did you not get the email witht he PICTURES in it? if not which email address can i use? 😀

  2. Can i just live vicariously through you two?? What fun Eugene, OR looks like!! You’ve seriously made me want to visit there (with or without my kids!) Hope you hit a home run next game!!! 🙂

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