jericho.jpgEveryone is talking about the new tv shows they are excited about watching this season. I am also excited, but it turns out that I have night classes three nights a week which will really cut into my tv-watching time. Oh well. I did get to catch the first episode of my new, most favorite show: Jericho. It is like this show was created just for me! First of all, it fits perfectly into my favorite genre of movies and tv: post-apocalyptic science fiction. Second, it is based in Kansas! How wild is that?!

I just love futuristic survival stories. I even took a course at Graceland with my favorite professor about “Imagining the Future in Literature and Film.” It is not like I am one of those survivalists who stockpile food and weapons for when the apocalypse arrives. I just like imagining the future of human civalization.

Some of my favorite books, tv and movies on the topic:

Obviously, there are many, many more things that could be on the list, but those are my favorites that came to mind today. What are your favorite examples of futuristic science fiction?

UPDATE: Adam reminded me that Reign of Fire should also be on my favorites list.

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