The shooting that happened at Virginia Tech is just too horrible to comprehend, especially as I was walking around my own college campus today. It is so sad, I don’t know what to say… It really is heart-breaking and the story of Professor Liviu Librescu makes me cry and cry.

But really I am writing because I just heard two infuriating comments about the incident on Fox News. (I know, I shouldn’t even be watching that channel!) First, some psychologist on the Glenn Beck show said that the shooting happened because children today don’t have values and that college-aged kids are the “me” generation. I don’t even know how she got on that tangent. And then, Dennis Miller on the O’Reilly Factor said that the shooting could have been prevented if kids weren’t so desensitized by playing video games. He said that violence in video games made the kids at Virginia Tech not recognize that the shooter was an evil man. What?! Not only are these people blaming the victims, but they are basically saying it is young people’s fault that this happened. It really makes me angry when “older” people say disparaging things about younger generations. Especially after so many young people went through such a traumatic situation. Please, please, please, do not ever let me ever become one of those older people! What I have been most amazed with in the news coverage of the tragedy is the poise and eloquence of the college kids when they are being interviewed. It is especially striking when compared to blabbering idiocy of the talking heads on cable news.

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  1. It’s Fox News, they have to do that stuff. You should see the piece they did on Kurt Vonnegut, they painted him as a super liberal nut job, it was so disrepectful I wanted to vomit.

  2. yeah I don’t like fox news either, but I have to admit, they have to throw these news stories together on moments notice. They I mean all news broadcasters. Look how everyone is ready to blame anyone for this mess. I have been crying a lot even for the guy that did the shooting. He was someones baby one time. I think I will become a stayinmyhouseaphobia. It is toooo sad out there in the real world.

  3. FOX news is what it is, they are competing for the audience of people who have the same mind set. Closed!

    However, while I am not a fan of Dennis Miller, could he not be a little right. I also think that violent videos games can reduce the senstivity in some people. The shooters videos certainly have the same look as some of the violent games, movies, etc. However, this problem is far more complex than just violent games!

    One of the reasons I agree with Miller is that I was a youth in the vietnam era and the news was not like it is today. Instant war video, etc. Youth in that era was not so desensitized to violence. I can distinctly remember being in my high school library when I saw a picture in Time magazine showing a Vietcong member shooting another Vietnamese in the head. I was bothered by that picture for months. It did not help that I had friends over there, a few died.

    My prayer is that as a society we start to appreciate and protect our children, they are the next generation. Maybe, just maybe this senseless violence will stop.

    I also hope that I, too, do not become closed minded in my old age.

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