camping weekend re-cap

camping1.jpgWith our brand new (and very tiny) tent and sleeping bags in hand, we headed out to the Black Canyon campground with a bunch of friends from the Right Media/Yahoo crew over the weekend. We stayed two nights and had a really fun, relaxing time. I ate a ton of junk food, including two hot dogs, a bratwurst, chips, cookies, Red Vines, and of course, S’mores. I did not follow through on my threat to eat 50 of them, but we did invent a new and delicious s’mores recipe using homemade chocolate chip cookies: instead of graham crackers we used cookies! woah! Try it. It will blow your mind. While not creating bombtastic s’more recipes, we hung out on the bank of the Willamette river, sat around the campfire, and played lots of games, including Settlers of Catan. I was bummed because we forgot our camera, but other than that it was just about the perfect summer weekend.


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  1. I got 5 person tent at a auction while I was in college, it is probably stored somewhere at ma & pa’s house, I don’t think I ever even took it out of the box, if you want it.

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. That’s why we’ve been camping for 30 years….just love being out in nature. Got your postcard from Milan yesterday, thanks! Wonder what kind of “airmail” that came on…must have just come over on the updrafts. Your summer sounds great!

  3. I could have eaten 50 s’mores easily! =)
    The last time I went camping I woke up to a loud sound. I was scared and wanted to go home, but I “braved” it out and survived!

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