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Travis is out of town (again) and I am totally bored. I should be working on job applications (yes, I am thinking about getting a real job), but watching random television and playing on the internet fills the time a lot easier…

  • I just finished watching Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Even though it is a little corny, and despite the fact that Claire Danes doesn’t make the most convincing action hero, I still think it is a solid edition to the trilogy. It really completes the story line/circle. The Terminator movies are my third favorite trilogy of all time, after Star Wars and Indiana Jones.
  • If you have 40 minutes to waste, this has got to be the most absurd thing my eyes have ever witnessed. I am a little behind the times in viewing the saga, but I hear that 10 more chapters are in the process of being released. R. Kelly has got to be the most ridiculously nasty man on the planet…
  • I want Dennis Kucinich to be president. I agree with his stances on almost all issues and I feel like he is the only candidate who is being honest and not just trying to say the correct combination of things that will get them the highest percentage of votes. Plus, he wants to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace:

    The United States was founded on hope, optimism, and a commitment to freedom. We can once again become a beacon of hope for the world. To do that, we must reject the current administration’s policies of fear, suspicion, and preemptive war. It is time to jettison our illusions and fears and to transform age-old challenges with new thinking. This is the idea behind my proposal to establish a Department of Peace. This is the idea to make nonviolence an organizing principle at home and abroad and dedicate ourselves to peaceful coexistence, consensus building, disarmament, and respect for international treaties. Violence and war are not inevitable. Nonviolence and peace are inevitable.

    His optimism is refreshing and I think we should give it a chance.

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  1. omg, i LOVE trapped in a closet. i guess i’m freaky that way. not freaky-freaky but i-think-it-is-funny-freaky.

    in the last primary i really liked kucinich too. i don’t think he as very much of a “leader” stance and stuff but i definitely like how he thinks.

    last night my husband and i got into a discussion about hilary. neither one of us are real big hilary fans and polls are being done about if she get nomination will the people on the fence vote for her or republican. now, i’m about as left as left can be and there’s no way i’ll vote for repbulican but i REALLY, REALLY HOPE i don’t have to vote for her. i think it’s about time we got someone in office who is not only left but also really progressive and doesn’t smooze up to the republicans.

    whew. sorry for getting all political on ya.

  2. i was surprised not to see die hard on your list of favorite trilogies… but then i remembered there are 4 of them out now!

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