the best gift ever

I am sorry to all of my lovely family who also gave me wonderful gifts over the holidays, but I can only choose one favorite gift and it was given by Travis…

Perhaps the greatest gift of all time, Travis gave me the complete seven-season DVD collection of Star Trek: The Next Generation. ST:TNG is my absolute favorite television program… ever. I have been talking about getting it on DVD for years. It just makes me happy to watch it. Not only does it tell the story of a utopian human future, but it shows us how to get there. The story lines are overtly political/moral, with “evolved” human values (tolerance, anti-capital punishment, vegetarianism, the importance of constant learning and discovery…) being expressed in every episode. There is also tons of theoretical physics worked in, which I find fascinating even if it is only theoretical. The characters are all extra-ordinary in some way and completely brilliant. Of course, my favorite is Captain Jean Luc Picard. Kind, yet strong, he always makes the correct decision. You couldn’t ask for a better person to boldly lead you where no one has gone before.

Thank you, Travis. (Part of the gift was that he promised to watch every episode with me!)

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  1. Pay attention in the early episodes and you can hear Data using contractions. That’s something the character isn’t supposed to have been able to master in later episodes.

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