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I finally went to the doctor and had my blood work done to check for cholesterol problems. (I am high risk in that area due to a strong family history of heart disease.) The results are in and I am NORMAL in all areas! Sweet! Because I am high risk I still want to raise my HDL count (it is currently 56) and lower my LDL count (currently 121). I would like to get my LDL below 100 which is recommended for high risk peeps, but I heard (from an unreliable source) that diet and exercise can only affect your cholesterol count by about 30%. Any doctors (or doctors-in-training) out there know what it would take to really get my LDL count down and HDL up? I already take fish oil supplements, use olive oil, eat red meat less than twice a month, eat only non-fat dairy products (except cheese), and eat high fiber, whole grain breakfast cereal almost every day. I am a moderate exerciser, but could always improve. The big problem is that I sit all day at work… but check this: I have stopped buying sugary coffee drinks! I make coffee at home and use soy milk as creamer. That is a huge change for me, but I have been keeping it up for over a month. What other changes should I attempt?

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  1. Rachel,
    There are two other things that are really good for lowering cholesterol: beans and oatmeal. And the upside is with all the beans comes the music! :O)

  2. wow sis, those are some pretty sweet numbers. my best advice is to keep up the good work (and maybe cut out the burrito boy). of course, it probably wont be long before we all start taking a baby aspirin and some lipitor a day. lipitor is the new flinstones vitamin.

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