magic altoid tin emergency kit

I mailed out a Swap-bot swap today, the Magic Altoid Tin – Medicine Kit swap. Basically, we had to take an empty Altoid tin and modify it to be a mini emergency kit. I felt weird sending real medicine through the mail so I made my tin into more of a craft emergency kit. There is a little sewing kit, some stain and nail polish remover, a little craft knife (and band-aids!), some twine, ribbon, brads, a safety pin, some gift tags, and a little vial of glitter. You never know when you might need glitter! It was fun putting it all together.

I hope my partner likes glitter because the entire top of the tin is coated in the stuff. It is a little messy – probably not the smartest idea if it were an actual medical emergency kit…

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  1. I especially like the gift tags. With the holidays coming up, you never know when you might need to re-gift and item in an emergency.

  2. Hi Rachael – I am one of your secret blog readers. I just had to write to tell you how stinkin cute that little kit is. Love it!

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