The Coffee Cure: Day 1

I love coffee. Really love it. I love it so much that it was becoming the reason I woke up in the morning — basically, my reason for living. I say “WAS becoming the reason” because I have decided to quit coffee. Today. So sad, but so necessary. I have been having some heartburn trouble and some over-consumption-of-sugary-hot-cocoa-mix trouble (I love putting it in my coffee), and I just feel that my body needs a break from coffee. I want to fuel myself with healthy food instead of sugary caffeine. I want to feel healthier and have legitimate energy. Except I don’t think I can go totally cold-turkey off the caffeine…

I have decided to give tea a go. I sometimes drink green tea at work in the afternoons for a little pick-me-up and for the health benefits, but my favorite tea is Earl Grey (omg! just like Captain Jean-Luc Picard!). I am currently working on my third cup today (it is 3:30 pm) and I am feeling great. I also picked up a green/earl grey combo tea and a holiday chai tea at the grocery store last night that I need to try.

Today I feel confident about my attempt to cure my dependence on coffee… although, it is usually the third “sober” day that is the toughest. I will let you know how I fair and whether or not tea is working as a comforting alternative.

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  1. I’ll usually drink a cup of coffee in the morning (mostly for a quick break at work, to be honest) and I definitely love the occasional fancy espresso-based beverage. I LOVE drinking tea as an alternative though. I definitely agree with your choices–Earl Grey is my favorite black tea, and I drink iced green tea regularly as well. It’s nice to be able to get a little pick-me-up that actually has some health benefits.

  2. Good luck! I haven’t been brave enough to kick the habit – its the only thing I have left after quitting smoking. I’ve been drinking Revolution tea in the afternoons – the tea is wonderful, but the packaging is even better!

  3. My mom and dad used to drink Constant Comment (I think that is the name), it was pretty good and I like Jasmine tea also, but I always head back to my coffee. I think a real connaisseur is one that doesn’t doctor the pure taste with sugar and cream, because than I think that what you really like is the sugar and cream. That is how I feel about seafood and butter. Is it the butter people really like? The heartburn may be coming from the cream and sugar.

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