The Coffee Cure: Day 2

Day two of my attempt to quit coffee has gone surprisingly well. I had just two mugs of black tea today, which seems to be enough caffeine to keep any headaches away… but I did some (very minor) research and discovered that both coffee and tea contain a chemical which relaxes esophageal sphincter above your stomach and causes heartburn. That is a bummer because I don’t know if I can cut caffeinated beverages out of my life for good. I don’t have heartburn today and I think that tea will help me transition into lower and lower levels of caffeine consumption… if I can stick with it. Tomorrow will probably prove to be a tough day – I usually get the worst caffeine withdrawal headaches on the third “no-coffee” day. Anyway, that is too much boring detail, but I am still feeling optimistic. I think that quitting coffee will give me a stronger sense of control over myself and my life… like I can control my own destiny! ha!

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