Ok, I am not what you would call a workaholic exactly, but I have been working hard lately on the ‘bot. There are a few really exciting things going on. Plans for the member appreciation event are coming along nicely. It is going to be March 1st and we have already had a lot of positive response to the event. (You are invited to attend!) I am also working on merchandise designs. Above are the two button designs that are getting printed as we speak, and t-shirts will be coming soon. I am excited! In between all the big swap-bot projects, I send a TON of email. I mean, hours and hours of sending email. True story. I am also working on re-designing my blog… finally. It needs some work and will take a while to complete, but it will be worth it. So, I better get back to work… I still need to clean the bathroom and kitchen today for the plumber who is coming tomorrow. joy.


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