forbidden words


I am not picking a “word of the year” like I did last year. Instead, I am picking two words that I don’t want to ever use in 2009: busy & should. I don’t even want to use them in my head.

I hate listing out all of the things I should be doing, or should have done in the past. It is exhausting. I am going to try to simply make the most of my time and not fret about the “shoulds.” I am also tired of everyone, including myself, complaining about how busy they are. It seems almost like a competition – like whoever is more frazzled and overwhelmed wins some kind of life prize. This “busyness” phenomenon was much worse when I was in grad school, but it persists into real life, too. I think it is good to have a full plate – it means you are getting things accomplished and participating in life. We all just need to take responsibility for the type and number of commitments we take on in order to feel more fulfilled and happy about how we spend our time.

I know… I know… not using the words busy and should is much easier said than done. I think I have unsuccessfully made this type of resolution before, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try again. Hold me to it this time! Let me know if I write anything about what I should be doing or about how busy I am. Tell me I am being super-annoying and boring. It will definitely be the truth!


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