long weekend!


I am sore. Yesterday we walked all about New York City. First we took Crusher to doggy fun time at Prospect Park. Then, Travis and I went to Manhattan to check out two crafty stores, M & J Trimming and Tinsel Trading Company. I have been hearing about M& J for years and Tinsel is supposedly one of Martha Stewart’s favorite stores in the world! Both stores had a large selection of sewing notions, but I really didn’t find much that I had to have. I don’t have much use for vintage metallic thread or sequin trim… I did pick up some lovely grosgrain ribbon, though. Travis and I also went by the New York Public Library’s main building and Grand Central Terminal. Both were very beautiful. We also shopped a bit at the 5th Avenue Sephora (Travis’ fave store, obviously) and the Lincoln Center shopping mall at Columbus Circle. It was a great day, but we really wore ourselves out. Five hours of walking turns out to be my limit.

More good news: I ordered some beautiful Japanese masking tape and mini post it notes from a really great Etsy store and they arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to use it, but I also don’t want to use it because it is so wonderful – I am too fearful of wasting it! I will probably hang onto it forever, just like I did with some fancy bobbi brown body oil I had saved for special occasions for the last five years… well, I opened it yesterday to use and it smelled awful! It had gone bad. Yuck. I had to throw it away. So sad. Lesson learned: I should just jump right in and use the tape!


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  1. Wow, it sounds like a fun day in NYC! Hey sorry for the late reply, we have been VERY busy at work… (sigh) Those masking tape are pretty, and they certainly have Japanese price tags @[email protected]

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