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Summer is zooming by. Between getting a little sick (sore throat and cough, not H1N1) and preparing for an upcoming trip to California, there has been no time to blog. Today, however, I have a little bloggy gem for you! I have been completely obsessing over a few things lately that I feel the need to share:

  1. Madewell – My new most favorite clothing shop ever! Madewell is a sister company to J.Crew, but I found out about it through a blog that I can’t seem to find at the moment… I signed up for the email updates a while ago, but it took me until last weekend to venture out to the Madewell store in Soho. I am in LOVE!! Such laid-back, cool, perfectly-on-trend-but-not-trying-too-hard style and everything seemed to fit me perfectly. I went a little wild in the store! I bought a pair of “rail straight” jeans made with some sort of fancy Japanese denim. Of course, they were the most expensive pair in the store, but the sales lady gave me an extra 20% off just because! I also got some t-shirts, a pair of shorts, and a very awesome cardigan. If I were a celebrity or fancy-pants rich person, Madewell is the store where I would say “give me one of everything in my size” each season.
  2. Coach Spotlight bag – I do not have this bag, but it is the one I keep returning to when dreaming about my ideal fall bag. I want (need?) a super-big, cross-body, black bag for fall. I feel the need to branch away from Coach because I have really already given them way too much business, but this bag just seems to fit all of my criteria… I can’t stop thinking about it! What is wrong with me?!
  3. NARS Orgasm Nail Polish – I have been coveting this nail polish for years, and I think I picked the best time to finally break down and buy it. Neon orange polish is totally what the cool kids are all wearing on their toes this summer, but neon is a little more than I can pull off. This NARS nail polish is a summery orange-peach color with a little sparkle that I think is a more subtle substitute. I was a little disappointed with it at first because you have to put on three coats to make it opaque, but I am really digging the color.
  4. Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo – Ok. This is absolutely ridiculous: $140 shampoo. I do not own it, I have never tried it, and I am trying hard to resist it. BUT, supposedly it is a miracle. I try not to blindly trust the reviews in fashion magazines, but the consensus on this product is that it is worth every penny and that it grants you your every hair wish – shiny, healthy, bouncy, beautiful hair. Oh man, I am a sucker. I want to try it!
  5. J. Crew Linen shorts – I bought these linen shorts a few weeks ago and I have worn them almost every day since. They are slouchy and they get a little wrinkled, but they are easy and comfy and just the right length. I didn’t know if I would ever buy shorts again (I am not thrilled with my pale, less-than-toned legs), but these actually look good on me – wow! It seems that they are sold out on the J.Crew website, but these striped shorts are very similar.
  6. Sam Edelman sandalsI bought these gold sandals in April because I thought they were cool, and New York-y, and kind of gladiator trend-ish. I had not bought Sam Edelman shoes before, but I would highly recommend them now. The sandals are all leather, comfortable, and I have worn them just about every day walking all around the city this summer. I have worn them on the subway, shopping in Soho, touring museums, and walking for hours at a time exploring NYC. They have held up amazingly! I am truly impressed. They still look shiny and nearly new. (I did almost loose one of the gems when I tripped on a Subway stair, but it easily slipped back into place.) I never expected a pair of sandals to survive this long in this city – and if they can stand up to New York, they can survive anywhere!

Those are the material objects that I am obsessing over this summer, but I should probably add one more thing: Gilad Bodies in Motion. I have been sticking with my commitment to do the TV workouts every weekday for over ten weeks, and I think I am actually starting to see some nice results. I am still a long way from wanting to get my photo taken in a bikini (but really, why would that need to happen?), and I still need to work on my eating habits (isn’t that a perpetual battle?), but I feel stronger and more fit. And – as stated above – I am feeling comfortable in shorts, which is a small miracle! Thank you, Gilad!!

So, what are you digging this summer? Anything awesome that I shouldn’t be missing?

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