I should probably save this post for tomorrow to kick off NaBloPoMo, but here I go anyway…

We didn’t really have any plans for Halloween this year (other than Travis needing to watch the Oregon Ducks football game tonight), so it was a pretty normal Saturday. Travis and I did venture to Manhattan to check out Bergdorf Goodman. I have been too intimidated to go in before now, and for good reason! I did not like it. It was claustrophobic, and difficult to navigate, and of course, everything was WAY too expensive for me. Sad. I had high hopes. I may try again. Once we got home, we had the traditional (soy) sloppy joe Halloween dinner and made Crusher pose for photos in his (now too small) Halloween shirt. Yep. We lead exciting lives.

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  1. Hello Rachel!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I’m definitely going to join Swap-bot – so exciting to meet one of the creators of the site! 🙂 Can I ask how you found my blog?

    Your dog is too cute for words. I have a Boston Terrier and I used to have 2 brother Chihuahuas, so this is the perfect mix. He’s adorable with his Halloween shirt!

    I’ll have to try a soy sloppy joe someday. Looks yummy!

    I’m going to follow you on Twitter and add you on Flickr, I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

    Julie xox

  2. That’s so funny. Your hubby and my hubby had the same idea on what to do for Halloween. For us, however, the trick-or-treaters were interrupting valuable football-watching time. Thank goodness for Tivo, though. (P.S. He was rooting for the Ducks, too…which is unnatural for a die-hard Husky, but seeing USC lose was more important.)

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