five years of lamble banners


I realized today while adding the newest family member to the Lamble Family blog banner that I have been uploading new banners for over five years! For those of my readers who are not in my family, is a site that aggregates all of my family members’ personal blogs in one convenient place. The banner changes almost monthly to represent things like birthdays, graduations, and new additions. Above is the very first Lamble Family banner and the one I just finished for November 2009. This month I’ve added Flike, my parents’ new dog. (I also gave Citizen Snips a makeover.)

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  1. That is tooo cute!! I’ve been working on something like that for Christmas cards last year for printing on the Gocco and since I can’t draw, based it on a photo. It’s a WIP that of course, needs to restart since Sienna is growing!

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