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From the ages of about 4 to 14, I was pretty intensely involved in classical dance training. When I hit high school (maybe 8th grade) I wanted to be involved in just about EVERYTHING else – sports, student government, yearbook, friends, boys, etc – and I ended up quitting dance cold turkey. It is a little sad to think that I completely gave up on something to which I had devoted so much time, but I was young enough when I made the decision that I know I was simply being honest with myself. I just wasn’t passionate enough about dance to continue with such a huge commitment.

I did some extracurricular dance in college and have taken random dance classes over the years, but I have always wanted to get back into it in a more meaningful way. Recently, I stumbled on a Ballet Strength Workout on FitTV and I love it! I am so glad I DVRed it. I think I have done it five times now. It is an hour (or, actually 40 minutes when you take out the commercials) of ballet moves, light weights, yoga, and pilates exercises. I seriously think the workout has made my body remember how to stand up straight. My posture actually feels different and stronger. (I have also been doing the Total Body Sculpt workouts on FitTV almost everyday, so I am sure that has added to the results I am feeling from the Ballet Workout. But, still! The Ballet Workout is a great addition to my routine!)

Usually, I have a hard time convincing myself to devote time to slower workouts, like yoga. I appreciate yoga and know it is good for you, but I still always feel like I need cardio workouts more. The Ballet Strength Workout is not really cardiovascular, but it does get my heart rate up and it makes me sweat. It is taught by Jennifer Galardi and I am really interested in checking out her Ballet Body workout DVD. I would also love to take a weekly class at a real dance studio at some point…. but I don’t know if I have the guts to wear tights and leotard again. hmmmm…

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  1. You were and are so cute! And this workout sounds excellent – just the right combination.

    As for the not daring to wear tights and leotard again – are you frigging kidding me? Don’t make me come clear across the country and smack you!

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