It is hard not to feel a little overwhelmed by the end of one decade and the beginning of another. I feel the need to do something spectacular to mark the occasion, but this blog post will have to do. I got the idea of a top ten list from a friend on Swap-bot, and I liked it so much that I thought I would bring my list over here to my blog. My intention was to write ten things I hope to do in the next ten years… but my list sort of morphed into a group of somewhat broad resolutions or focal points. Some of the items may be a little vague and/or a little cheesy, but they are my sincere thoughts about what I hope to accomplish in the next ten years. I want to enjoy this decade as much as possible!

10Improve Swap-bot – This item is always on my to do list! I want to keep working on the site to make it more fun and functional, but also continue to foster a community that promotes creativity, friendship, and understanding.

9Buy a home – one of the worst parts of 2009 was that we had to sell our cute house in Eugene. I miss it and I look forward to buying a house again (or condo/apartment, if we stay in NYC for a while). I miss doing home improvements!

8Exercise every day – this sounds intense, but I have a broad definition of exercise. Walking to the grocery store, doing chores, and shopping count as exercise to me. I would also love to train for another big road race – maybe a full or half marathon!

7Make art – I want to make time to explore my creativity just for fun. This includes crafts, painting, web design, etc. Anything that lets me create something that I love. Paid graphic design work sort of counts toward this goal, but I also want to do things just for me.

6Make more money – This one sounds shallow, but when you are making dangerously close to to zero dollars per year, I think it is ok to have a monetary goal on your list! I am a professionally trained and experienced graphic designer… anyone need any design work done?

5Reproduce – Yep. I want to have some babies and I better get on it! This will definitely be my last decade of fertility (unless there are some major medical advancements), so Travis and I need to start seriously planning our family asap. I am a little nervous, but mostly excited!

4Reduce my internal negativity – I beat myself up over the most stupid things. I need to stop. I don’t want to feel stress over things like how I look or whether I just said something silly. Time keeps passing more quickly; there is no longer time for those trivial concerns.

3Promote peace – this is an abstract concept, but it is important to me. I want to promote peace and understanding in all of my personal interactions and also on a broader scale. I am committed to a personal mission of spreading peace, love, and happiness for all.

2Fall in love everyday – with my sweet, dear husband, of course, but also with my family (including Crusher!), and friends, and with life in general. I want to focus on noticing and appreciating the things I love about every person in my life – including YOU!

1Experience wonder – this one is a little vague, maybe… I just want to appreciate all of the small, but amazing things in life and experience joy as often as possible. I want to discover things I am passionate about and explore the world.

What are your plans for 2010? What do you want to accomplish or focus on in the next ten years?

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  1. just not fall apart, i turn 37 in 17 days

    i’m looking at thing differently now like plastic wrap was probably created to keep you from falling apart.

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