new year, new focus


I decided to choose a focus word again this year. Since I have been so focused on the concepts of discovery, exploration, and enjoyment, I choose wonder. In 2008, I chose hope as my focus word, and in 2009 I chose busy and should as words I did NOT want to focus on.

Wonder is a vague and abstract concept but it feels like a good fit for me this year. Last year, one of my resolutions was to embrace adventure. I knew at the time that we would be moving to New York and I wanted to try to be ok with the chaos that I knew would follow. This year, the move is complete, but the chaos seems to have persisted. After losing our jobs, struggling through the rocky economy, selling our home, driving across the country, and settling in a tiny apartment in a demanding city, I no longer pretend to think that I have control over much of anything anymore. The adventure continues and this year I plan to not only embrace it, but to enjoy it. I want to find wonder in all of the new experiences.

Just for fun I went through and checked out what I was doing at the beginning of the past six years. Enjoy:

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  1. sounds like a good word to focus on. we won’t be here forever so we should take full advantage of this city while we are here.

  2. I wonder how I had such a smart and beautiful daughter. I wonder when I will be seeing her again. It is snowing hard here today. I love you and am soooo proud of you. Later then.

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