My first ATC


Well, I have done it. I have dived into the world of Artist Trading Cards. I have always wanted to start making ATCs, but I always imagined painting them with acrylic paints… and I never wanted to get out all of my painting supplies, so I never signed up for any ATC swaps. Finally, I just decided to go for it when hollandcox decided to host the Inaugural Craft Social ATC Swap in honor of the first Craft Social tweet-up. I am glad that I signed up, not only because I had a great time at the tweet-up*, but also because I can count this ATC as today’s creative thing-a-day!

I didn’t end up using any paint on my ATC. Instead I used paper, pen, ribbon, and glue. It definitely looks like my style. I didn’t really mean for it to, but I guess you can’t escape your creativity personality. The sparkly gems make it a bit 3D. I had a lot of fun making it and hope that my swap partner enjoys it… hopefully she doesn’t mind pink!


*btw: a “tweet-up” is sort of like a meeting on Twitter

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