Crusher’s 2nd birthday!


Crusher turned two on Saturday! His grandma and grandpa sent him a great birthday package filled with chew bones (already scarfed) and a new toy (which he loves), plus a few goodies for his human friends! He had a great birthday, but woke up with a bit of a tummy ache this morning. Poor little two-year-old. Too many treats! Now that he is in his teenage doggy years, he needs to start eating better, i.e. no more human food!

(p.s. Have you joined the EightFiveThree Classic, yet? Crusher and I have already made our bracket picks!)

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  1. Yeah I have to put Queequeg on a diet, too. He is one pound over weight. The Vet is worried about his little legs. It is hard with Flike around though.

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