on my mind…


Some insight into my random mind:

playing –> Angry Birds – It is an iPhone game and it is so fun.

wanting –> Midnight Blue Birkenstocks – for walking around the city and Disney World in July!

wishing –> for this lovely Wiliams-Sonoma Home mirror.

practicing –> Sexy beach hair techniques – I am so terrible at hair styles…

watching –> JUSTIFIED!!! Omg, this is my new most favorite show ever! Timothy Olyphant is the best gunslinger in the world!


6 Replies to “on my mind…”

  1. Rachel….Matt turned me on to Angry Birds…I have it on my I pod touch. Love it…totally addicted to it. I even have Bill playing it now too!

  2. oh man i keep forgetting to watch JUSTIFIED it looked so bad ass in the previews! (i watched damages) i wonder if it’s online anywhere

  3. O man, Justified is so badass! I loved Deadwood, so I have been waiting for something to replace it. I really love timothy olyphant – so serious and cool.

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