spread hope like fire


Recently, I have been reading/viewing the blog Kind Over Matter daily. It is sort of a combo of feel-good indie crafts and positive inspiration. They share hopeful illustrations and quotes multiple times a day. I really like that it is sweet and uplifting without being super-cheesy or specifically religious.

I have been wanting to post my own version of an uplifting illustration in Kind Over Matter style. While I was thinking about what I wanted it to say, the song “Secret Crowds” by Angels and Airwaves kept going through my head. It is a song I listen to often when I run and it always gets me pumped up. AVA (the band name abbreviation) is a side band created by Blink-182 guitarist, Tom DeLonge, and here is a perfectly descriptive quote from my sister-in-law, Chelsea, one of their biggest fans: “AVA is AWESOME!! They’re an amazing punk bank spreading a postive message!” Right on. (Plus, they just came out with a new album, LOVE, that you can download from their website FOR FREE! sweet.)

That is probably too much description for something that was meant to be a quick snippet of inspiration, but just listen to the song. I love how the lyrics use such urgent and aggressive words (violence and fire) to express the imperative of spreading hope and love.

spread hope like fire; spread love like violence

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  1. This post just made my day!!!! I am printing out the lyrics you wrote on above! I love it and am going to do something great with it!! =)

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