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There has been a lot of blogging going on around here lately… and there is more to come! On Thursday night, I am participating in an panel about Crafty Blogging. It should be a fun evening of helpful blogging info. If you are in NY, you can attend the event in person at the Etsy HQ in Brooklyn. You need a ticket, but they are free – get them here. If you aren’t in NY, you can still attend the event via the Etsy Virtual Labs. The panel was organized by Crissy from Indie Biz Chicks – a fabulous blog with helpful info for running your own business. I am excited to meet her and the other panelists. There are some amazing female web entrepreneurs out there!

Speaking of which…

The Etsy blogging panel was organized to align with the BlogHer10 conference happening in NY on Friday and Saturday. I am attending BlogHer for the first time this year and am really looking forward to learning new things and meeting new friends! You already know that I will be blogging all about the experience right here…


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  1. Hi there Rachel! I was one of the attendees at the Etsy Blogging Panel last night and I had a great time! You wonderful gals on the panel really provided good insights and tips for bloggers like me who are just starting out but eventually want to create a business or turn blogging into something professional. I got a chance to got through your blog (I feel like we’re friends already) and found inspiring ideas like setting up an on-line business or where to find the best cupcakes…thanks for that! Oh by the way, I loved the necklace & shoes you were wearing 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

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