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I missed my little dog, Crusher, so much while we were traveling last week! It is really a little bit crazy how much I love that dog. He is my baby and my companion while I work at home… he is just so loyal, it is impossible not to love him.

Thank goodness my brother, Seth, came to NY to babysit Crusher while we were away. It was so much better to have him here than when we left Crusher at the kennel last time we traveled. Crusher was traumatized by the kennel and came back completely filthy and encrusted in urine. It was awful. This time Seth took wonderful care of him – even taking him to the dog park each day!

We got Crush two souvenirs at Disney World – a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and a stuffed yeti from Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom. Crusher loves the yeti, but he isn’t too fond of clothing. He is totally spoiled.

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  1. i’m sure Crusher was very happy to have you home again! 🙂 and i completely understand the situation with the kennels. it took us a long time to find a kennel we liked and ended up at a really fancy cage-free kennel that is staffed 24 hours, gives meds, has a vet next door, and gives baths before pick up! but nothing is better than a house/dog sitter! you’re so blessed to have such a sweet brother!

  2. Expedition Everest was awesome! We got to ride it twice, but then they had to shut it down for a day. 🙁

    I am definitely blessed to have such a great brother. He did a fabulous job with Crusher. We had a kennel in Oregon that was run by our vet and we loved it. Crusher still hated going, but we knew he was well taken care of there. Unfortunately, we haven’t found a comparable place here in NYC yet. 🙁

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