is this a marathon or social time?

At Team in Training practice my coaches are often telling me, “if you can carry on a conversation you aren’t working at a hard effort.” I usually nod my head, keep running and talking, and then come home to Travis and complain that I try to work at “hard effort” but I just love the social aspect of practice. Why can’t I have fun and train for a marathon at the same time?!

Bronx Half Marathon

Well, I think these photos from the Bronx Half Marathon have finally made me realize that I should probably start focusing more on my running and less on chatting! I mean, look at me. I barely even look like I am running! It cracks me up. It looks like I am taking a walk with my friends and telling some silly story…. I definitely don’t look like I am in the middle of a half marathon. And it definitely shows that I could be pushing myself to go a little bit faster.

As the race progressed, I started to look more like I was working hard…

Bronx Half Marathon

But I still think I need to concentrate on improving my running during my races and practices, and try to save all of the chatting for after… at least for the sake of my poor running buddies who are forced to listen to me blabber for hours on end!


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5 Replies to “is this a marathon or social time?”

  1. Rachel, I love these photos! The social aspect of practice is what keeps me going with TNT. I think your long runs should be as social as they can be – push yourself a bit more on Tuesdays and you’ll be good to go. It’s nice to have company during a race, especially one as tough as the Bronx Half! Or perhaps I am just jealous as I did a solo long run out of town this weekend while y’all tackled the Bx…

  2. Thanks, Lela!! There is no way I’ll ever be able to stop socializing completely, but I hope to push myself just a little bit harder effort-wise. I could not do all of this training without the team!

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