ice bath recoveryToday is a Saturday, which means it is long run day with Team in Training. You may not believe this, because I barely believe it myself, but I ran 18 miles today! It was about four hours of running, jogging, water re-fueling, more jogging, and eventually hobbling, but I completed it… and even had some fun in the process. We ran through Brooklyn down to the water near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island. Running all over the city has really helped me come to appreciate it more and more, and I couldn’t help but think about how amazing it is that I have the extreme luxuries of both health and time that allow me to take on this challenge. I am very grateful. (I am also grateful for my sweet husband who set me up in a recovery ice bath to sooth my sore muscles!)

Today is also September 11th, which makes it heavy and sad… but also hopeful. Not that I intend to, but you can’t really ignore 9/11 in NYC… Many of the fire stations here (if not all) have permanent 9/11 memorials, but one we ran by today had a special memorial with framed photos set up outside for the anniversary… I can’t really even write about it without crying, and I am not very eloquent anyway, but even through the sadness there are infinite reasons to be hopeful. The love in people far outweighs the hate. That is where I put my faith. That is my religion.

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  1. That firehouse on 4th Ave made me cry – as did the view of lower Manhattan coming back down the greenway under the Verrazano. An emotional day for sure, but I’m glad we were able to spend it doing some good for others!

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