cupcake review: virtual edition!

Love cupcakes, but hate the calories? Me too, so I was tickled to discover a new (calorie-free) iPhone app all about cupcakes.

My real life cupcake love has been on the back-burner recently. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to eat mounds and mounds of cupcakes – weird, I know – but I think I got a little burnt out from doing my previous reviews. It is sad. Which is why virtual cupcakes are so appealing!

The app is called Cupcakes! It costs $.99, and even though I don’t usually spend money on apps, I thought this one was worth checking out. I’m glad I did!

The app allows you to create adorable, detailed, virtual cupcakes. You choose the cupcake liner, the batter, the frosting, and the toppings. Then, you bake them, add candles, and “eat” them. There are nearly infinite flavor and topping choices, and you can save your creations in your “refrigerator” or save them as images to share on the web (like the ones above). It may sound silly, but the app is a fun and creative way to occupy your time, like when you are on the subway. You don’t need wifi or a cell connection to play. It is a cute alternative to the same old iPhone games.

I like making cupcakes so much that I bought the Cupcakes! Holiday Edition app, too, and I am thinking about getting the Sundaes version.

(And no, I was not paid for this review, I just really like the app!)

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