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Another weekend, another half marathon! Actually the Brooklyn Half on Saturday was only the third one for Travis and me this year. We ran it about a minute slower than the NJ Half. The plan was to do it faster, of course, but my preparation just wasn’t on target the last few weeks. And, actually the race was fun. We ran with my friend, Jessica, on my most familiar ground: Prospect Park and Ocean Parkway out to Coney Island. Travis and I stuck together during the race and then hung out with some friends after. We ate some Coney Island food and road the Screaming Eagle roller coaster.

On Sunday, we continued rewarding ourselves for our fitness accomplishment by going to a Food Truck Rally at Prospect Park! The lines were super-long, but I immediately got in line for the Red Hook Lobster Pound truck. It took about a half hour, but I got my amazing, $16 lobster roll (seen below). My friend, Brian, stood in line for the Kelvin Natural Slush truck and got me a ginger guava slushy – so good!! Travis stood in line at the Taim truck and got falafel and awesome hummus, and I stocked up on cookies and brownies at The Treats Truck. Then, we all went and had a little picnic feast. I really wanted to try out an ice cream sandwich from the Cool Haus truck, but maybe next time…

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  1. Awwwww I love going to Coney Island in the summer and just walking the board walk. It’s nice you got to run through that and Prospect Park another great park i like to take walks in.

  2. Congrats on finishing another half marathon! I have always been a runner, and I’ve been thinking about signing up for a half marathon to push myself to the next level, but (true confession) I’m a little scared. So kudos to you!

    Also, *so* jealous that you got to enjoy the glory of the Prospect Park Food Truck Rally. It sounds like all of the things you sampled were worth their respective waits!

  3. If you find the Cool Haus truck this weekend, let me know! Their ice cream sandwiches look awesome, but the line moved really slow at the Rally.

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