Juice Cleanse – Day 3

Oof. Good morning, I guess… Welcome to Day 3…

As you can tell by the video, I am not quite as happy about this liquid diet today. I am hungry and my stomach has been feeling upset, but that isn’t even the bad part. The really bad part is the constant green juice!! Every morning I get to drink a fruit juice (today a tasty ginger lemonade) but then the rest of the day is vegetable juice. I thought I had a very high appreciation and tolerance level for veggies, but I think my body is refusing more green juice. I actually would rather not eat at all (despite the hunger) than drink the juice!! I have most of a Cucumber juice and a Beet blend juice left in the fridge from yesterday that I didn’t finish… and plenty more that I am supposed to drink today! Ugh.

I mostly stuck to the plan yesterday. I tried to eat that raw, vegan “burrito” before my boot camp class, but couldn’t finish it. It consisted of mashed up sunflower seeds and pine nuts wrapped in a kale leaf. Crusher wouldn’t even eat it!! That is a bad sign.

Boot camp went ok. I completed it and only felt a little light headed. What makes me most worried is that I didn’t eat anything afterward and so I am afraid my muscles didn’t start repairing at their highest capacity…

Negatives: As you can tell, pretty much everything. No, that is not true. I actually feel ok other than my total revulsion when it comes to green vegetable juice. If this cleanse had more fruit juices, I think I would be much happier! Also, I am drinking coffee with soy milk again today.

Positives: I haven’t had any bathroom issues. yay! I think I have had some very slight weight loss results, but I don’t weigh myself so I can’t give you numbers. I was able to complete boot camp last night. Biggest positive: I am almost done!


Now a confession: I think I am going to stop the cleanse a little early and eat dinner tonight. I don’t want to go through my Friday night miserable. Plus we are training with our running group tomorrow morning and I want to have the energy I need. I know that I am going to have vegetable juices left over and I hope to work them in over the weekend. Maybe I’ll force Travis to drink some…

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  1. Mmmm! Sandwiches…

    And, yes, I am a wus when it comes to drinking more veggie juice! Really, the fasting is not a huge problem (just a little growling tummy and slightly foggy brain) but the juice flavor is just too much! AND, I did not anticipate having any trouble with the vegetable juice – i usually like it!

  2. I do think my body is refusing any more juice. I am trying to drink a beet/carrot/apple blend now and i can’t get it down!

  3. It is supposed to be an anti-oxident and refresh your cells with nutrients… that is what the Organic Avenue literature says anyway…

  4. Yeah I hear rubbing your safe with the dirt at the end of a rainbow is supposed to help your sphincter, try that next 😛

  5. This was interesting, Rachel, and I love the videos. =) I’m working on a short “detox diet” for my health coaching program. It’s not something I’m a huge proponent of, but a strict regimen for a short period of time can really help people feel more in control of their diets and help them get back in touch with their body’s signals.

    I don’t think I would do well on a liquid diet, but a vegan diet for a few days would be fine. I’m a vegetarian already, so it’s good to step back and see how much cheese I’m really eating.

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