Juice Cleanse – overall recap

One last review of the juice cleanse experience…

My thoughts on my 3-day, raw, vegan, Organic Avenue juice cleanse:

  • I continued the cleanse all day yesterday, but then had a dinner of chicken and potatoes and greens (plus some tiramisu) at about 7 pm.
  • I was really excited to eat solid food again, but it didn’t satisfy me as much as I was anticipating. I also was really craving salt. The cleanse must not have had any sodium…
  • I feel really good this morning, surprisingly. My stomach was upset when I woke up , but I drank coffee and soy milk and then felt fine while running 7 miles – a miracle. I was really amazed that I felt so good on the run.
  • Overall, I was hungry on the cleanse, but more than that, my stomach just would not accept more straight vegetable juice. The instructions say you don’t have to finish all of the juices, and I didn’t, but I was really surprised by the fact that I didn’t want to. I didn’t anticipate that.
  • I think I may have lost a tiny bit of weight – some tight pants feel a little looser – but nothing dramatic.
  • I did not officially “cleanse my colon” – I stayed nice and regular. However, if I had stayed on the cleanse for more days I think there may have been some bathroom drama… sorry for TMI.
  • I don’t know what I was expecting from the cleanse, but I don’t think it did anything extreme to me. Maybe my skin is a little better? Maybe I have some extra nutrients floating around inside? Maybe I got in better touch with my body’s expression of hunger? Sure. I guess. I cannot say that I found enlightenment or inner fulfillment.
  • Basically, I don’t think the cleanse was worth the money (especially at full price), but I guess I am glad I satisfied my curiosity and tried it. I do feel really excellent today and happy with my run, so there’s that.
  • Despite what I just said above, I could see myself doing a 1-day liquid diet in the future. Not for any miracle results, but maybe just to recover from an especially decadent weekend. We’ll see…

What do you think? Are my results typical? Should I have stayed on the cleanse longer?

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  1. After my weekly “fasts” I crave salt too.

    I’m not sure what a mere three days can achieve with any kind of dietary change. Maybe a month? If your hair’s not falling out, your teeth aren’t falling out, and you’re not hallucinating (any more than normal), it can’t be bad for you, can it?

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