MCM 2011 – Finished!

Travis and I successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday… and it was amazing! I had a great race and a wonderful day. One of the best days ever.

Travis finished in 4:40. I finished in 5:00. I wish I could have gotten my 4:59 goal… but I am totally ok with just PRing. I ran faster than my 19-year-old self in San Diego in 2000… Anyway, I hope to post a full recap of the experience tomorrow…

4 Replies to “MCM 2011 – Finished!”

  1. Rachel, you are a runner! All of that practice and pushing through the hard days paid off, because you ran your best time yet! Congratulations on a successful run!!

  2. i haven’t had the chance to congratulate you both!! what an achievement! you making the rest of us look really, really bad 🙂 can’t wait to read all about it!

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