january mugshot

My thoughts this morning…

  • A check in with my Mugshot Thursday photo tradition seemed appropriate at the beginning of this new year. I’ve taken 109 photos of myself with PhotoBooth over the past two and a half years. Some of them are not very pretty (I am getting older, people!) but I like the record. They are honest snapshots of what I look like at “work” each day in my crazy, cluttered home office. It’s not at all glamorous, but I love working for myself.
  • The cute hat is from my friend, Jessica Benjamin. It is from Lululemon! I love it! Jessica and I ran the Marine Corps Marathon together, which is an experience I will never forget. Running has been my social outlet in NYC… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • The 26.2 mug is actually Travis’. His parents got it for him for Christmas since he completed his first full marathon in 2011. Travis has definitely caught the running bug. He is more obsessed than I am. And that is saying something! I am thinking about running three full marathons within the next year… I am not sure if that is smart… we’ll see how it plays out…

Ok, now back to work!!

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