getting ready for Alt…

This will be my first year attending the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City… and I leave tomorrow morning! I am a little nervous, but basically just trying to get all packed and ready.

The conference is focused on lifestyle and design blogs, so there has been a LOT of talk about what everyone is wearing. A LOT of talk. There are many cute blog posts on the topic, like this one and this one. One woman says she is bringing SIX pairs of shoes. For a three-day conference!! I am a little intimidated. So I need your help….

There is a party on Thursday night themed “Winter Wonderland” and everyone is supposed to wear white. I was planning to just wear a white top and call it good, but I found a casual silver dress on Sunday at a Theory sample sale and now I am torn. What look should I wear to the party?

Either way I’ll be pretty boring and unremarkable, but what do you think…

Which look should I wear to the Alt Summit “Winter Wonderland” party?
 silver dress
 white silk blouse free polls 

I reserve the right to alter either look… but I will post a report on what I end up wearing on Thursday…

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  1. I think Look 2 is very classy (with a twist of funky thanks to the print on the shoes), but the dress is just a little more fun. Either way, you’ll look great! I hope you have a wonderful time @ the conference + I can’t wait to see which outfit you’ll choose!

  2. Is there an RSS 2.0 compatible feed? That way I can take a look at your content without having to look up these pages on your web site all over again. I would like to sign up but I was told that it must be 2.0 and I don’t know how I can verify that by myself. Cheers.

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