happy 14th day of february…


I like Valentine’s Day, but I think mostly because it is close to my birthday… and I LOVE my birthday. I don’t have any big plans for today. I need to finish up a lot of work, go for a run, and then maybe meet some fun friends for a casual dinner. My usual Tuesday routine. I might treat myself to a special Starbucks drink this afternoon…

Travis and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. I don’t need any silly gifts (or expensive ones, for that matter) and Travis said he would have a heart attack if I sent a singing telgram to his work… so that spoils my one good idea. ha!

I don’t think today needs to be a day for romantic gestures. It is too much pressure. I’m happy just acknowledging all of the big and small loves in my life…

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  1. I love that card!

    For the reason you like V-Day I kind of dislike it. I feel like it’s a cop out. . don’t get me valentine’s day stuff for my bday! But that’s just me.

    The singing valentine thing sounds hysterical. You should have done it anyway 🙂

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