Reach the Beach

It is hard to believe, but right now I wish that I was sitting in a stinky minivan with five other adults eating pretzels and gatorade…

That is exactly what I was doing last week while participating in the New Hampshire Reach the Beach relay. Who else but Joel could organize two teams of twelve people to run 200 miles in 24 hours?!

Four vans of Warriors got ourselves all the way up to Cannon in northern NH, and then took turns running south until we got to Hampton Beach. We did not sleep. We ate brownies and PBJs and chocolate milk and carrots. I ran in extreme darkness at 11 pm wearing a head lamp. I ran on uneven roads, grassy fields, sidewalks, and bridges. I ran as the sun rose at 6 am past cows and barns. I ran in rain and up more hills than I thought possible. It was intense and challenging… and basically the most fun ever.

And! We all wore tear away pants!

See lots more RTB photos here.

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  1. A special recap of RTB from my van-mate Sarah:

    “Rachel “The Gang Leader” Johnson- Ringleader and organizer of this rowdy Lizzies bunch. She keeps us together and ensures we are all taken care of. She’s fearless and the best, no surprise there since we self appointed ourselves the A+ van. No Lizzie gets left behind! Unless its Larry but we blame the lack of RTB signage for that one.

    Travis “The Driver” Johnson- Calm, cool, and collected. He’s more than just the driver, getting the gang members from place to place, he’s the gang leader’s right hand man and soul man! Because he drives everyone and is so close to the leader, he knows ALL the secrets.

    Larry “The Food Guy, Trash Guy, Cheer Ambassador” Picard- He keeps the mobile kitchen well stocked so no Lizzie gets hangry. Not only does he keep the gang well fed and hydrated, he takes care of the “trash”. He also supplies the jokes and cheering for the gang, not that this rowdy bunch ever gets bored!!

    Amanda “Coach and Historian” Hughes- Provides expert advice and coaches the gang on their skills. Always have to stay sharp and run smart out there. Though her most important responsibility for the gang is to document all their adventures, tear away pants and all. If there is no documentation, how could there be a legacy?

    Sarah “The Enforcer” Yuen- Unassuming yet always assumed to be “the quiet one”. She can laugh, dance, and carry on just like the rest of the Lizzies. If Rachel needs something taken care of, “The Enforcer” will get it done. Watch out, you mess with her or any of the Lizzies and she’ll “cut you”!

    Until next time… Warriors… Come out to plaaay…”

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