happy birthday, mom!

It is my mom’s birthday today… Happy birthday, Mom!!

The photo above is from 1980 — I think — isn’t she beautiful?

As is becoming my blog birthday tradition, I’ve compiled some fun facts about my mom… enjoy!

Top Ten Fun Facts about my Mom:

  1. She was born third out of six children. I have a lot of cousins!
  2. She has four children. But I was her first!
  3. She absolutely loves animals, especially her Pomeranian, Queequeg.
  4. Her favorite food is ice cream.
  5. She was a skilled and truly impressive homemaker and mother. She led us in crafts, took us on nature hikes, made us three incredibly healthy meals a day (I can’t even imagine how many carrot chips she cut!), read to us, did laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY, hosted parties, made awesome pancakes, chicken fingers, and spaghetti, trusted us, loved us, and somehow also managed to sew elaborate Halloween costumes, like this one. Wow. The older I get, the more and more impressed I am with everything she accomplished.
  6. She had a crush on Launchpad McQuack. (We watched a lot of DuckTales — woo oo — at our house.)
  7. She is very open minded. She likes everything from fine literature and foreign films to Twilight and American Idol… and everything in between!
  8. She has never missed an episode of Saturday Night Live. She has also never stayed awake through a full episode of Saturday Night Live.
  9. For a few years she worked as the cashier at the middle school lunch room. It was her favorite job because she loved the kids. She memorized all of their names.
  10. She is without a doubt the best mother in the world. That is a fact. (She would occasionally whisper in each of her children’s ears that they were her favorite. Though it may not seem possible, I think she meant it every time.)

Do you know my mom? Add more fun facts about her in the comments!

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  1. More facts:

    * As empty nesters, my mom and dad have volunteered twice a month at the Ronald McDonald House for the last TEN YEARS!!

    * As a young woman, Mom worked as a waitress at IHOP. She freaked me out by telling me that the men in the kitchen used to pee in the pickle jar. Is that true???!

    * There is some confusion around this, but as a child Mom may have had both a pet rat and a pet lizard….

  2. I know her! I loved all of her rotating dinners growing up: chicken and broccoli, spaghetti, taco/patio burrito night, chicken and potatoes, etc. But every once in awhile she’d throw together a smorgasbord… that was my favorite.

  3. You are too kind. I am glad I had you fooled all these years! Yes the cooks did and they also smoked pot, but that was back in the olden days when pot was legal.

  4. Happy Birthday Libby!!!!

    Well, I know lots and lots of stuff about Elizabeth but, I will only share a few of those moments in order to save her reputation.

  5. Happy Birthday Libby!!!!

    Well, I know lots and lots of stuff about Elizabeth but, I will only share a few of those moments in order to save her reputation. She was and still is a wild women to say the least. She loved to torture. She used to pin me down and tickle me with her long hair, or did that really happen? We loved playing games and I am not going to mention names but, someone would pout if they lost. I might be talking about myself. 🙂 Then there was that camaro…………. fast, fast, fast car. The driver was fast too! I guess she lost control or maybe weather conditions, I really don’t know because I wasn’t there for this one. She ended up off the road and proceded to wave someone down to help using her body as a lure. Really Libby, how did your blouse unbutton itself? You can be assured someone stopped!! Enough said. Finally and not least, Libby is the most loveable, kind, fun, beautiful, best driver(Haha), creative and enjoyable person to be with. We canoed, swam, talked, drank ( a little), and spent some time at the old hitching post. God, what memories!!!! Love you, Mary

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