one little word 2013

Each year I join in on a popular blog phenomenon and chose one little word to focus on throughout the new year. This year, I choose sweetness.

Sweetness sounds so cheesy and cutesy, but it is what came to mind as I thought about what I want for 2013. To me, it encompasses the ideas of kindness, acceptance, and enjoyment. I want to be sweet to others and I want to be sweet to myself. I want to be content and happy and calm and focus on the sweet things in life… no matter what 2013 has in store for me.

My past words:

2012: explore
2011: peace
2010: wonder
2008: hope

(Two of my favorite bloggers chose open and brave this year.)

What is your one little word for 2013?

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  1. You know I love you, but did you know I really like you as a person. I don’t think you will have to work to hard at being sweet, because you are already. Did the Ducks win?

  2. Thank you. That means a lot. I really want to work on being serene in 2013… we’ll see how it works out. (And YES, the Ducks won!)

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