currently // january 2014


drinking… David’s Tea. In support of my no-coffee-ness, Travis got me three kinds of David’s Tea for Christmas and they are all tasty. There are so many tea options, including cold-fighting teas and chocolate teas. Wow!

playing… the best iPhone game ever: Star Trek Trexels! You get to build a starship, explore strange, new worlds, and succeed at diplomatic missions! So cute. Plus, George Takei narrates! I am already at level 20 and I love my little Trexel crew.

cross training… a lot. I’ve been running a little less now that the weather is so cold. I still go out a couple times a week, but I’ve been adding in lots of other exercise, too: yoga, swimming, kick boxing, SoulCycle! I like mixing it up and hopefully it will make my body stronger.

organizing… the 6th edition of my favorite swap, the February Love Matchbox Swap on If you like Valentines, paper crafts, or snail mail, come join us!

looking forward to… going back to Bermuda for a quick trip next weekend!


What are you currently up to?


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