fifteen year flashback


I never imagined myself becoming a Disney theme park fan, but somehow they have become a consistent tradition…

The first time I ever went to a Disney park was in 1999. Travis’ parents gifted us a trip to Los Angeles for our spring break during our senior year of high school. We stayed with his aunt and uncle and had a great time sight seeing in the city, including one day at Disneyland. We took analog (film!) photos of ourselves goofing off all around the park. For unknown reasons, the photo of me with a Native American statue on Main Street USA become iconic — probably because it was one of the only photos I scanned into digital format — and we’ve been recreating it ever since!

Our trip to LA last week marked 15 years since our original visit, so of course, we couldn’t resist going to Disneyland! And of course, we couldn’t resist recreating the photo! Who knows how long we’ll keep this going…

1999 DL | 2009 DL | 2010 DW | 2012 DL | 2013 DW | 2014 DL

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